Educational Service Center Of Northeast Ohio: Service Locations in USA

Educational Service Center Of Northeast Ohio

Educational service center of Northeast Ohio is engaged in offering district level school education programs and services for teachers, non teaching staff and students for overall professional development and education improvement. More details can be availed by dialling +1 216-524-3000
Graduate Programs: The center provides variety of premium graduate, endorsements and licensure options programs. Consultation about the same can be requested by phone at 216-901-4244 or send email at
Educational Programs: The center offers broad range of education programs in terms of special education and alternative education programs such as Achievement Centers for Children, Positive Education Program, Passport School Program, etc. Dial to know more 216) 524-3000
Adult Education: Adult education is provided through online medium anywhere and anytime with more than 200 courses to choose from. For additional details contact center at 216-901-4244 or forward email to

Educational Service Center Of Northeast Ohio Near Me Location

Get contacted with the Educational Service Center Of Northeast Ohio to get assistance about education programs , special education, paraprofessional testing and much using following details.

Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio

Service Location: The center can be visited at 6393 Oak Tree Blvd, Independence, OH 44131, United States.
Service Number: Contact service desk by dialling +1 216-524-3000
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM - 4 PM
Fax can be send to 216 524-3683
Email for service inquiries can be forwarded to

Adult Online Enrollment Specialist


How To Contact Paraprofessional Test center

Individuals can reach out Paraprofessional Test center using following details

Director of Professional Development and Instructional Technology

Director of Human Resources and Pupil Services

Leadership Services

The department is concerned with providing ample courses and programs about consulting and executive services including Board Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Coordination of Shared and Executive Search Services,etc.

Director of Leadership Services

216-524-3000 x6719

Director of Leadership Services

216-524-3000 x4221

Director of Leadership Services

216-524-3000 x4000

Teaching and Learning Services

The training is provided to enhance professional development and technical knowhow to the personnel and parents designed to focus on academic and behavioral requirements of all types of students.

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