Enterprise Service Center (ESC): Service Support

Enterprise Service Center (Services Offered)

Enterprise Service Center (ESC) is a part of United States department of transportation which provides information technology and financial related services to them and other federal agencies as well. The details about these services have been provided below in this section.

  • Application Services: These include the provision of support for federal payroll system, attendance, procurement, etc. through a particular customized software/application as per the requirement of the organization.
  • Audit Service: ESC provides support in case of audit requirements of their client organization. Along with this proper and complete documentation is also offered in this context.
  • Report Services: All kind of reports related to management are generated by them. The submission/processing of these are a part of this service which include reporting of all type of analysis as per client requirement.
  • Travel Services: E travel, Voucher audit, user management, etc. are offered in this context. The services can be availed as per the client organization requirement.
  • Consultation Service: Federal financial consulting services are also offered by ESC as a part of their stability program. This is for the stabilization and proper fund management of any particular client organization.
  • Business Service: The provision of services and support related to business needs of an organization comes under this category and can be availed accordingly.

Enterprise Service Center (ESC Customer Service Support)

Service Center Location: It is located at 6500 South MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73169.
Customer Service Number: In order to talk to the support representative of Enterprise service center, you need to call at (405) 954-8888 . Here you may inquire about the services offered, client based solutions, etc. as per your needs and they will assist you accordingly.
E-Mail Service Support: ESC support can also be availed through mail by sending your queries at customerservice@esc.gov. These are being reviewed by them on regular basis and they will revert back with the resolution as per your query.
Driving Directions: You can follow the directions available on maps in order to reach Enterprise Service Center from home as per your convenience.
ESC Mailing Address: Postal mails can be addressed to P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125.

Enterprise Service Center (Client Organizations List)

Enterprise Service Center provides its services to many federal organizations including those which come under the DOT (Department of Transportation). Facilities include bundled corporate services as explained in the beginning. The list of major client organizations/Offices which are managed through ESC are mentioned as under.

  1. Federal Aviation Administration.
  2. Federal Highway Administration.
  3. Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.
  4. Federal Railroad Administration.
  5. Federal Transit Administration.
  6. Maritime Administration.
  7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  8. Office of the Chief Information Officer.
  9. Office of the Inspector General (DOT).
  10. Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST).
  11. OST Working Capital Fund.
  12. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.
  13. Research and Innovative Technology Administration.
  14. Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.
  15. Surface Transportation Board.
  16. Transportation Safety Institute.
  17. Volpe Transportation Systems Center.
  18. Bureau of Land Management.
  19. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  20. Department of Agriculture.
  21. Department of Commerce.
  22. Department of Defense.
  23. Department of Education.
  24. Department of Homeland Security.
  25. Environmental Protection Agency.
  26. Federal Executive Board.
  27. General Services Administration.
  28. Government Accountability Office.
  29. Institute of Museum and Library Services.
  30. National Endowment for the Arts.
  31. National Credit Union Administration.
  32. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  33. Office of Personnel Management.
  34. Office of Management and Budget.
  35. Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians.
  36. Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation.
  37. Social Security Administration.