FEMA Map Service Center: Flood Zone Designations

Services of FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) Map Service Center

Services Of FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) Map service center is dedicated to provide information and data on flood hazard. The service center operates under the supervision of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Map service center provides information and access to official flood map, range of flood hazard products, and tools for better understanding flood risk. The main service and products are mentioned below:

  • Flood Insurance Rate Maps: These include the official community maps that helps to present special flood hazard areas and the risk prone zones.
  • Flood Insurance Study (FIS): The studies contain comprehensive information about flood elevation data in flood profiles and data tables.
  • FIRM Database: This data show the geographical information in Flood insurance Study.
  • Flood Risk Maps: The risk maps summarize the entire risk prone area and project on a large map.
  • Flood Risk Reports: This reports summarize flood damages and risk exposure to a community.
  • Flood Risk Database (FRD): The data base is used to create awareness and to support mitigation efforts. This data base is also used to analyze, communicate and visualize flood risk.

Definitions of FEMA Flood Zone Designations

Flood zones are geographical areas which FEMA describes according to the risk level of flooding. In food zone designation each zone reflects the severity or type of flooding in the area. Refer to the table below to understand the Flood Zone Designations.

B and X (shaded)Area affected with moderate flood
C and X
Area of minimal flood hazard
Zone AAreas with a 1% annual chance of flooding
Zone DAreas with possible but undetermined flood hazards
Zone VCoastal areas with a 1%
or greater chance of flooding
AO ZoneRiver or stream flood hazard areas

Check FEMA MAP by Address

The FEMA service center allow users to check whether an area is under flood zone or not. The service center shows information like flood zones, floodways, and your areas risk level. FEMA also provides preliminary flood hazard data that are aimed to provide people an early look about the projected risk to flood at their home or community‘s. People can access services and products like new or revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, and FIRM Databases. Check FEMA MAP by entering details about address, a place, or longitude/latitude coordinates.

How to Contact FEMA Map Service Center

Customer Service: FEMA service center has dedicated helpline channel i.e (877) 336-2627 to assist people. Call at the helpline and ask information regarding services and products of FEMA.
Email Support: Customers can send flood related queries and questions via email also at FEMA-FMIX@fema.dhs.gov.
Service Hours: The calling hours are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET
Disaster Assistance: Queries related to disaster assistance applications and benefits can be asked at 1-800-745-0243
FEMA Map Service Center: The dedicated service center is located at "P.O. Box 3167 Oakton, Virginia 22124-9617"
Firmette Map: Firmette is a section in FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map used to describe various flood sections.