FMC Benefits Service Center: Credit Facility Provided by Food Machinery Corporation

Services by FMC(Food Machinery Corporation) Benefits Service Center

Food Machinery Corporation (FMC) has established a benefit center of its employee to offer various services and benefits to employees. The varied services for employees include the following:

  • The benefit center offers support regarding medical coverage plans under gold, sliver and bronze categories. The plans contain varied health benefits.
  • FMC benefit center also handles dental care plan for employees under High Deductible plan and a Low Deductible plan.
  • The dedicated service center also assist to receive vision care plans and associate benefits.
  • The service provide renders various retire and investment plans to employees.
  • Employees can also avail help regarding insurance plans for families and individuals.

How to Contact FMC Benefits Service Center

Service Number: The dedicated helpline can be used to seek help about employment and income verification requests at +1 888 362-4448
Email Support: Send queries at
Service Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
North America Contact: Retiree & benefit requests from North America can be addresses at: +1 888 362-4448