Fiat Newport Virginia Service Center

The customer service center can be contacted for all Fiat-related assistance regarding repairs, services, and sales at +1 757-369-3565.

Service Department

: Assistance for services, such as transmission, oil changes, shuttle services, body repairs, and more, can be procured by calling the service center at 757-525-4695.


: Initiation of contact with the center by scheduling an appointment allows for receiving help with concerns like oil changes, recalls, regular maintenance, and issues with parts or accessories at the preferred day, date, and time.


: The recall status or costs related to recalls for vehicles can be checked online by entering the VIN into the box to obtain details.


: A vast stock of original Fiat parts for repairs and replacements is provided by the center. For inquiries or orders, the concerned department can be contacted by dialing 757-525-9086 to receive a prompt response.

Tire Center

: Customers have the option to purchase any type of tires online from the tire center based on their requirements such as make, model, size, etc. Additionally, tire-related services like installation, rotation, pressure checking, balancing, etc., can be availed by calling 757-525-4695.

Sales/ Inventory

: Concerns related to sales and inventory of both new and used cars can be addressed by contacting the center over the phone at 757-269-3408.

Chat and Text

: To receive support through Chat or Text, one can click on one of the preferred mediums to initiate the process with the customer service executive.

Synthetic Oil Change

: The center provides professional synthetic oil change services to enhance fuel economy, horsepower, and ensure unsurpassed protection, among other benefits.

Automotive Repair Location to Contact Near By

For the comprehensive provision of automotive repairs and services related to Fiat vehicles, including tires, oil changes, engine repairs, air and filter tune-ups, horsepower inspections, and more, please utilize the details provided below:

Pomoco FIAT Of Newport News

12627 Jefferson Ave A, Newport News, VA 23602, United States
+1 757-369-3565
Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Nearby Location

Visit the Nearby Location to discover contact information for other service centers offering service and repair-related assistance for Fiat vehicles in Newport News, VA.

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