Gannett National Shared Service Center: Accounting & Taxation Services

Accounting & Taxation Services by Gannett National Shared Service Center

Gannett national shared service center is one-stop location for various business and financial organizations for accounting service. The shared service center acts as accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services industry. The service center offers assistance in billing and bookkeeping solutions. Certified accountant service is also available through the service provider. The main service support includes the following:

  • Refund Checks: Gannett national shared service center deliver refund checks to clients. The tax refunds are delivered directly to clients through an accounting process.
  • Accountant Service: The service provider offers accountant services that helps to avail amenities like managing payrolls, tax preparation, dealing with general liability cases, etc.
  • Unclaimed Property Solutions: Clients can resolve issues regarding unclaimed property by calling at 317) 444-5303
  • Featured Services: The featured services of National shared service center include the below mentioned.
    1. Accounting service
    2. Auditing service, accounts
    3. Bookkeeping and billing service
    4. Certified public accountants (CPAs)
    5. Payroll accounting service
    6. Public accountants certified

Service Locations and Contact of Gannett National Shared Service Center

Gannett National Shared Service Center
307 N Pennsylvania St,
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1819

Gannett Co., Inc.
7950 Jones Branch Drive.
McLean, Virginia 22107

Gannett Settlement Administrator
P. O. Box 43429 Providence,
RI 02940-9953

Gannett Co., Inc.
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22107

Customer Service Number: Consumers can call the customer service department at (317) 444-5303
Gannett General Assistance: Ask general queries calling at 703-854-6000
Gannett Business Support: Send all your queries and questions via email at