Gulfstream Long Beach California Service Center

Customers can submit general messages regarding aircraft sales, services, and maintenance through the Contact Us form.

For assistance with technical issues, aerospace queries, or inquiries about designs, sales, and other services, customers can contact Gulfstream using the helpline numbers 1 800 810 4853 or +1 912 965 4178.

Aircraft On Ground and Service Scheduling

Service requests for Aircraft On Ground and scheduling can be sent to

Aircraft Redesign

For aircraft redesign inquiries, customers can contact

Parts Sales and Repair Control

Enquiries or requests related to parts sales and repair control can be sent to or

Technical Operations

Technical inquiries can be forwarded to certified and skilled technicians at

The service office is located at 4150 Donald Douglas Dr, Long Beach, CA 90808.

Book/Schedule Appointments

To schedule an appointment, customers can visit the service center or dial (800) 810-4853.

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Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Regional Staff

Regional Sales Staff In California

Kirsten Krueger, Regional Vice President, Sales
Central Coast, United States
Mobile: +1 650 350 9464

Richard Milling, Regional Vice President, Sales
Southern California and Arizona
Mobile: +1 562 400 7941

Pre-owned Aircraft Sales Team

Jim Ross, Vice President:
Worldwide Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales
Office: +1 912 965 3087
Mobile: +1 949 521 0700

Alex Kolar, Sales Director

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales
North America East, Texas, EMEA
Mobile: +1 571 332 4242

Paul Palminteri, Sales Director

Latin America, United States: West Coast, Midwest
Mobile: +1 949 374 8338

Aircraft Ownership Service Benefits

Aircraft Ownership Service provides standard concierge services aimed at eliminating all complexities associated with aircraft ownership. For further information or support, contact 1 800 810 4853. Ownership Services encompass:
  • All flight operations guidance, assistance, and crew staffing are provided.
  • Maintenance, parts, and labor scheduling are made easy.
  • Comprehensive coverage is offered for all systems, including insurance.
  • Hangaring and technical support are provided for publications and subscriptions.

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