Hamilton County Educational Service Center: Services for Administrators with Professional Development Support

Services by Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Hamilton education service center is a regulatory and administration body to manage Hamilton County district schools. The education service center is responsible to frame curriculum and provides support for academic activities. Education institutions also receive assistance for student services and other educational activities. The main operations of the education service center (ESC) include the following:

  • Leadership Support Service: The education service center provides training and coaching programs for administrators of schools to develop professional attitude. The center also offers leadership assistance to use technology in teaching and learning activities. The school heads or administrators are eligible to receive leadership program support from the county education service center.
  • Teaching and Learning Service: The county district schools receive support to frame curriculum and set instructional method for improvement in teaching and learning activities. Assessment, data collection and program evaluation services are also available to schools through the education service center.
  • Student Support and Intervention Services: The County education service center offers various intervention services to assist students suffering from autism, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and etc. Student counseling services and behavioral interventions are also available.
  • Technology Leadership, Planning, and Administration: The center has appointed technology consultants that aids schools to plan use of technology is schools. The aim of the program is to promote use of technology in teaching and learning process.

Services for Gifted and Talented Students by Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Hamilton county education service center has devised separate programs and services for gifted and talented students of schools. The facilities for special students include the following:

  • Planning and delivery of services
  • Consultation regarding compliance and technical assistance Learning Sessions for administrators
  • Development of curriculum documents
  • Legislative updates and Research Briefs
  • Support for gifted audits and service expansion
  • Support and access to all gifted loan materials
  • High quality professional development for all teachers
  • Testing and Identification
  • WEP Development and Program evaluation
  • End of year document completion
  • Acceleration and Placement
  • Parent and family supports

Hamilton County Educational Service Center Locations

Hamilton County ESC
11083 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45231
F 513-674-4250

Early Childhood / Head Start
924 Waycross Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45240
F 513-851-5747

Learning Center North Norwood
5017 Marion Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212
F 513-396-5942

Hamilton County ESC
11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Contact Support for Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Check the below listed contact numbers to avail assistance regarding various services. The below service specific numbers are meant address varied issues and queries.