Hennepin County Human Service Centers

Hennepin County is a one-stop destination to avail multiple services and programs. The human service center delivers access to public programs, social and economic services. Citizens can apply for different services and pay payments for utility support. Permits and permission can also be availed from the human service center. The main services offered by the center include the following:
  • Certificates and Licenses: The human service center allows citizens to register and get certificates that include birth, death and marriage certificates. The center also offers licenses for fishing, boats, hunting and other outdoor activities.
  • Recycling and Hazardous Waste: The service provider offers information and support regarding collection of domestic waste and recycling assistance. Citizens can collect details about recycling plans and waste collection program.
  • Taxation Support: The human service center provides help tp pay property tax and other taxes. Clients can seek assistance about tax refunds also.
  • Transportation Service: The county human service center allows to apply for vehicle registration, permits and number plate. Driving licenses can also be availed through the human service center.
  • Legal Service: Hennepin County service center tenders assistance regarding legal services. Legal support is also available for domestic abuse and voilence.
  • Schedule Appointment: The human service center encourage citizens to book appointments in period and avail specific services at the established service centers.

Healthcare Services by Hennepin County Human Service Centers

Hennepin County service centers offer access to multiple healthcare services. The healthcare services are available for children, women and adults. The main health-related services are mentioned below:
Immunization: Citizens can register for immunization program. Vaccines and flu shots are given to children, women and infants.
Famiy Care Service: Complete healthcare services are provided to families under the women, infant and children program (WIC). The emergency care assistance is also delivered.
Mental Health Service: Physchaitric care and counseling services are presented to take care of mental health issues. Therapies for behavioral issues are also provided by professional counselors.
Sunstance Abuse: Counseling and therapies support for the prevention of substance abuse is offered by the mentioned service center.

Find Service Locations for Hennepin County Human Service Center

Brookdale Service Center
6125 Shingle Creek Parkway (Suite 100),
Brooklyn Center, 55430

Hennepin County Government Center Minneapolis, MN
300 Sixth Street South (Suite A-025),
Minneapolis, MN 55487

Brooklyn Center
7051 Brooklyn Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55429
(612) 596-1300

South Hennepin County Human Service Center
2215 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Maple Grove Service Center
9325 Upland Lane North (Suite 101),
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Midtown Exchange Service Center
2929 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

North Minneapolis Service Center
1001 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Ridgedale Service Center
12601 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka 55305

Southdale Service Center
1225 Southdale Center, Edina 55435

Operations Hours:
Call Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Asssitance Through Email IDs

Government Center: license.gc@hennepin.us
Maple Grove: license.mg@hennepin.us
Midtown Exchange: license.mt@hennepin.us
North Minneapolis: license.nm@hennepin.us
Ridgedale: license.rd@hennepin.us
Southdale: license.sd@hennepin.us

Online Services by Hennepin County Human Service Centers

Hennepin County human service center provides access to multiple services through an online service portal. The online services allow to apply for services and register for different programs. The online amenities include the following:
  1. Apply for multiple service and programs.
  2. Ask for county date base and resources.
  3. Report development related issues and concerns.
  4. Search for programs, plans and services.
  5. Schedule appointments for apply different services.

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