Henry Robinson Multi Oakland California Service Center: BACS Housing Fast

BACS (Bay Area Community Services) Housing Fast - Henry Robinson Service Center

Contact Us: Bay Area Community Service (BACS) is a service center that helps in need people and supports communities. across California in collaboration of CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) International. To get in touch with the community services center, follow the Contact Us page. The Henry Robinson Center is also known by a historic place namely Hotel Touraine that transformed into a Housing Fast program in 2013. The housing service center consists spacing for almost 137 persons and serves 300 people annually.
Customer Service Number: Individuals can reach out to the help desk center for housing facilities and other community services via a call at 510.613.0330.
Fax: Homeless people/seniors can send their requests to the service center at 510.569.4589.
Volunteers & Student Interns: For the internships and community volunteer programs, registered members can email at Bacs@bayareacs.org.
Office Location: The housing service center is addressed at 390 40th Street, Oakland, CA 94609.
For Donations: Individuals can reach out to the Nora Daly, Development Director/Communications Manager at Ndaly@bayareacs.org or call at (510) 394-3519 in order to know about the ways of donations.
To report a potential breach, please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer here.
Book/ Schedule Appointments: To make an appointment at the housing center, contact at 510.613.0330.
Near Me Locations: Locate the Nearby Service Centers for community ands housing services, follow the mentioned link page.

BACS Services & Programs

Residential Services (Crisis Residential Treatment) - Amber House:
516 – 31st Street, Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 379-4394
Fax: (510) 423-0833
Email: Amberreferrals@bayareacs.org

Prevention - Keep Oakland Housed
Call or text: 510-899-9289
Bay Area Community Services (BACS) or Catholic Charities East Bay (CCEB) for consultation and support: 510-238-5091
Emergency Financial Assistance and Supportive Services (CCEB): 510-768-3100
Text: 510-759-4877
Housing Funds & Co-ops: 510.613.0330
Wraparound Services: 510.613.0330
Recuperative Care - Health and Wellness.: 510.613.0330 / 211 (free resource to locate social services across the Bay Area)

Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Program is a service or activity offered by Bay Area Community Services (BACS) for the seniors who have lost their memories. The memory caring program is operated by the dedicated team of BACS’ Memory Care center. These programs entertains the elders or adults with disability or memory loss. The activities that members enjoy under this program including:
  • Exercises including yoga, afternoon strolls, chair volleyball, and many more.
  • Refreshments and snacks time to time twice a day.
  • Spend some time in local elementary schools with kids.
  • Arrange trips to museums and other events/shows.
  • Gives Ongoing assistance and education towards the caregivers.
  • Offers Expert presentations on certain shows and events.
  • Manages activities and other creativity shows for them.
  • Free transportation for needy people (door-to-door).