ITT Pension Service Center: Assistance Guide

ITT Pension Service Center

100 Washington Blvd 6th Floor Stamford, Ct 06902 USA
Shareholder Services Toll-free: +1 888-217-2614
ITT Pension service center is associated with employee benefits and retirement solutions. ITT is group of companies with engineers, innovators and problem solvers. The company offers solutions for various sectors including Aerospace, Auto & Heavy Vehicle, Chemical and Defense. ITT Pension service center also offers services for Food & Beverage, Industrial and Infrastructure.

ITT Pension Plan

ITT Pension plan is a single employer corporate pension plan meant for salaried employees of the Company. The plan contains saving and retirement benefits. Eligible employees receive a predetermined monthly retirement benefit.

ITT Pension Website

The website is "".

ITT Sheraton Corporation Pension

60 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 USA.
(617) 367-3600

ITT Corporation Pension Plan

ITT Pension corporation was formed in 1970 and was based in White Plains, New York. The plans include defined benefit pension and post-retirement benefit plans for employees globally.

ITT Inc Location

100 Washington Blvd, 6th Floor, Stamford, Connecticut, 06902 USA.
1 914 6412000

ITT United States Hebron

1961 International Way #9526 USA.

ITT United States Novi

46785 Magellan Dr USA.

ITT Pension and Retirement Benefits

ITT Salaried Retirement Plan

The salaried retirement plan includes regular pension benefits, retiree medical and dental insurance benefits. The plan also covers healthcare benefits for all eligible employees.

Health & Wellness and Financial Benefits

This plan includes Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Health insurance and Life insurance benefits.

Income Protection Plans

Eligible employees may opt for additional life and accidental insurance for themselves and their dependents.

ITT Employee Benefits

  • Extensive Health Care Coverage
  • Retirement Programs
  • Income Protection Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Work Life Balance
  • Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Tuition Assistance