Labcorp Patient Service Center Appointment

Labcorp operates a network of laboratories that render testing and diagnostic services to patients across various categories. These services are administered under the headings detailed below:

Routine Lab Testing

Labcorp administers routine testing and blood sampling to patients, offering an array of diagnostic services.

Pediatric Collections

Blood collections from pediatric patients aged 12 and under are facilitated by the center.

Infection Testing

Antibody testing, swab tests, and antigen swab tests to detect various infections are conducted by the center.

Wellness and Physical Measurements

Medical reports are provided to employees, applicants, and individuals by the centers. Wellness tests encompass measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), and blood draw for wellness screening.

Drug Testing

Labcorp offers laboratory-based and rapid substance abuse testing options, as well as other necessary tests to accommodate customers.

Appointment Scheduling

Clients have the option to book appointments online by searching for labs in specific areas and providing required details. Alternatively, they can dial 800-845-6167 to connect with a service center representative.

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