Lulac National Educational Service Center: Contact for Programs & services

Services by Lulac National Educational Service Center

Lulac (League of Latin American Citizens) national education service center provides multiple services and programs through education institutes to develop teaching and learning standards. The main focus is on student development, professional excellence and literacy improvement. The education center operates different programs that comprise of educational counseling, scholarships, mentorships, leadership development, and literacy.
  • Operational Network: Lulac national education service center operates a network of sixteen counseling centers. The center serves more than 18,000 students each year.
  • LULAC Scholarships Service: The education center provides different scholarship to students for college education. The scholarships are meant to deliver financial assistance to support higher education.
  • The Young Readers Program: Under this program students of first to third grade are engaged in an innovative literacy program. The program organize a fun reading experience in association with parents, teachers, community role models, and business leaders.
  • The Middle School Intervention Initiative: This program is meant for students of seventh and eight grade. Under this program the students receive tutoring and counseling assistance. The aim is to prepare students for college education.
  • Leadership Program Service: The education service center organize a leadership training program for Hispanic high school students. The program focuses on providing leadership knowledge and skills to the participants.
  • Lulac National Educational Service Centers Upward Bound: This is a federally funded TRiO program. The Upward Bound program provides financial assistance and fundamental support to students to prepare for college entrances.

Contact Lulac National Educational Service Center For Programs & Services

National Office
Service Location: 1133 19th Street, NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Service Phone: (202) 833-6130

Membership Office
221 North Kansas St., Suite 501
El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915) 577-0726

Essential Contact Numbers:
Office Operations Manager: (202) 833-6130
Human Resource Officer: (202) 833-6130
Executive Assistant: (202) 833-6130
Program Coordinator: (915) 577-0726
Programs Manager: (915) 577-0726

Ford Driving Dreams Grants Program of Lulac National Educational Service Center

LULAC and Ford Motor Company fund operates a grants program for education. The program contains multiple benefits and features that are mentioned below.
  • The program objective is to achieve on-time high school graduation.
  • Increase students’ rate and on-time promotion to the next grade.
  • Improve the academic performance of the students.
  • Increase interpersonal relationships between the students and their peers.
  • Reduce juvenile delinquency and youth involvement in gangs.
  • Foster a sense of community in schools and neighborhoods.
  • Counsel students to build better relationships among peers, parents, and teachers.