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Services: The Milford State Service Center Annex is engaged in providing broad range of services and programs related to Health, Adults, Children, individuals with physical disabilities.
Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities
Contact at 1-800-223-9074 or make a visit
Milford State Service Center, 18 N. Walnut St., First Floor
Milford, DE 19963 Fax at (302) 422-1346
Child Support: Call at NCC: (302) 577-7171
KC: (302) 739-8299
SC: (302) 856-5386

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Milford State Services Center
Service Location: 13 Front St, Milford, DE 19963, United States
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 7: 30 AM -4: 30 PM
Administration: Get in touch at 302-744-4700 or Fax at 302-739-6659
Health Planning and Resources Management
302-741-8559 or Fax302-741-8631
Offices of Primary Care & Rural Health
302-741-8599 or send Fax302-741-8631
Health Care Provider Recruitment
302-741-8599 or Fax at