Minnetonka District Service Center

The Minnetonka District Service Center constitutes a service department overseen by the board of members of Minnetonka Public Schools, dedicated to addressing the academic needs of students. Catering to students from kindergarten through post-secondary education, the services and programs offered by the Minnetonka Schools District Service Center include:

1:1 IPad Program

This initiative provides iPads to all students from kindergarten to 12th grade for educational purposes. Students utilize these devices both at school and at home to bolster their digital learning skills. Robust and wireless networks are employed to support this program.

Digital Health & Wellness

This program aims to safeguard students from potential digital technology hazards. It educates students on proper technology usage for educational purposes and protects them from internet misuse. Parents are encouraged to engage in open dialogues with experts regarding Digital Health & Wellness.

Health Services

Licensed school nurses (LSNs) and paramedical staff members operate these services to promote students' physical, social, and mental well-being. Health experts assist students in meeting their health needs.

SAIL (Students Achieving Independent Life) Transition Program

This program is tailored for post-secondary and high school students and is managed by Individual Education Plan (IEP) members. Students receive support regarding program benefits, instructions, training, and certification assistance from these experts.

Bullying Prevention Program

Designed to ensure students' moral and social safety, this program involves all staff and board members of the schools. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is implemented to protect students from bullying issues and foster a safe and secure school environment.

Connect With Minnetonka District Service Center

To contact the Minnetonka District Service Center regarding curriculum, admissions, programs, and other educational services.
5621 County Road 101, Minnetonka, MN 55345.

Minnetonka District Service Departments/Programs

Service Departments/ProgramsService Contacts
Health Servicesannie.lumbarbendson@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5992
Nutrition Servicesjane.bender@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5048
Transition Programerin.valenta@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-283-8222
Homeboundannie.lumbarbendson@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5992
English Learner Programdebra.black@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5000
Teaching and Learning - Title Isteve.urbanski@minnetonka.k12.mn.us / 952-401-5109
Title IXmichael.cyrus@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5015
Special Education and ELchristine.breen@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5036
Testing and Assessmentmatt.rega@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5122
Transportationtransportation@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5023
Human Resourceshrstaff@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5014
Facility Use and Rentaleloise.weibel@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5052
Resident Enrollment and Open Enrollmentmonika.salden@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5009
Technology family.helpdesk@minnetonkaschools.org / 952-401-5123
Communications Dept. 952-401-5095 / 612-297-8898 (Cell)

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