Nashville Physician Service Center 2000 Healthpark Drive

The Nashville Physician service center provides innovative and tech-based solutions to assist physicians in delivering effective services. Varied tools, products, and services are offered to physicians to enhance healthcare provision. Functioning as a third-party center, it supports physician services.

Nashville Physician Medical Billing Services

The service center offers a seamless healthcare billing system integrated with patient account management. Handling all debt and collection operations, it optimizes cash flow and facilitates patient payments. Creating a secure platform for payments, the medical billing system prevents future denials through data analysis and is dedicated to collections and dispute resolution.

Physicians Urgent Care

Urgent care services for patients are provided through identified medical services at various locations. For support regarding urgent care, contact 615-457-3864.

Nashville Physician Telehealth Services

Effective in providing patients with information on preventive measures, medications, and other healthcare tips, Telehealth services are available. To access Telehealth services, call 615-457-8585 for necessary support.

General Support:

For all general queries, questions, requests, and complaints about the service center, contact (615) 609-0187.
2000 HealthPark Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027

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