Nordstrom HR Service Center Phone Numbers: Employee Benefits

Services Provided By Nordstrom HR (Human Resources) Service Center

Services: Nordstrom HR (Human Resources) Service Center is an assistance department specially designed for the help or support of active and retired employees. The services and tasks in which the HR (Human Resources) Service Center is involved includes:

  • Services and Programs: The HR service department looks after the hiring process, payroll, and pension services and programs. The service department plays a vital role in taking care of the needs of staff members. Moreover, the HR (Human Resources) department is involved in the development and management services through which the goals of a business can be achieved easily. The HR (Human Resources) Service Center helps in building a strong bonding between the employees and the business through its strategic plans and programs.
  • Online Accounts: The HR service center offers a secure web portal for the staff members in order to manage their personal accounts, update info, review payroll services, service benefits, and others. To get access to all these online services, Nordstrom provides a secure user ID and a password to each employee. For more information, employees can log in or create their accounts at the given path.
  • Internships/Opportunities: The HR (Human Resources) service department provides opportunities for the unemployed youth and internship programs for college students and fresh graduates through which they can attain their goals easily. All kinds of opportunities are offered through the service department including finance, HR, operational departments, shipment, distribution, logistics, supply chains, IT, digital fields, merchandising, marketing, and many more.
  • Credit Services: Nordstrom HR (Human Resources) service department offers credit card services to the customers as well as staff members through which they can avail great benefits on shopping at the Nordstrom stores.
  • Service Benefits: Nordstrom HR department provides comprehensive and exclusive benefits to the selected employees. The active employees can obtain long-term coverage of medical, healthcare, merchandise offers, employment plans, pension plans, and retirement benefits. For more information, contact the employee service center at 855-6673 947

Connect With Nordstrom Employee Benefits Service Center

  • Customer Service Number: Employees of Nordstrom can reach out to the HR employee service department for payroll service inquiries, credit card issues, account related queries, benefit plan concerns and other employement disputes through a call at 855-6673 947 or dial 1-844-487-5595 during 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.Central time on weekdays.
  • Nordstrom Canada Benefits Centre: Canadian employees can get in touch with the concerned employee service center with their disputes and concerns at 1-833-839-8908
  • Disabled Employees Support: If the applicant or employee have any kind of disabilty can reach out to the Employee service center for all possible assistance including accomodation or transport by making a call at 1.855.667.3947
  • Philadelphia's Fair Chance Hiring Law Violatios: Applicants can report the violation of Philadelphia's Fair Chance Hiring Law through a call at 215-686-4670 or via an email
  • Arbitration Process Center: If the employee is not satisfied with the dispute resolution, can appeal for the arbitration process in written application and send it at Nordstrom Arbitration Coordinator, 1617 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101-1707 or through an email at
  • HR Service Department: For in-person or face to face adssistance visit the department 1600 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2600, Seattle, WA 98101.

Nordstrom Customer Service Helpline Numbers

ServicesCustomer Service Helpline Numbers
General Services 1.888.282.6060
Credit Services 1.800.964.1800
Aetna Coverage Plans 1-877-764-5727
Aetna Classic Plan (NGF) 1-855-430-5826
Account Management (Online) 1.866.491.7860
Payroll & Retirement Services 1.855.667.3947
Nordstrom Visa credit cards 1.866.445.0433
Retail credit cards & debit cards 1.800.964.1800