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The OGS Business Services Center of New York (NYS) functions as a shared service point, providing centralized support to business organizations operating within the state. This service center offers a range of back-office services, with a primary focus on human resource and financial operations. The overarching goal of the shared service center is to deliver efficient support, reduce costs, and serve as a support agency.

Human Resource Services

Within the Business Services Center, human resource-related services are extended to business corporations. These services encompass administration, payroll management, personnel administration, and time and attendance services.

Financial Services

Customers can also access various financial services through the Business Services Center. These finance-related services encompass accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card administration, purchasing, and travel and expense management.


The Business Services Center assists in the application process for a variety of business licenses. Clients aspiring to initiate a business in New York can apply for licenses that include opportunities for contracting with the state, establishing a Limited Liability Company, acquiring professional licenses, and more. The service center facilitates the procurement of such licenses.

How to Contact NYs Business Service Center

To seek assistance, please reach out to the designated service number at 518-457-4272 by contacting the customer service helpline. The dedicated service location is situated at "1220 Washington Avenue, Building 5, Albany, NY 12226-1900."

Email Support Service

The business service center offers email support services for inquiries related to various programs and benefits. Clients can send their queries and comments via email using the addresses provided below:
Accounts Receivable: Accountsreceivable@ogs.ny.gov
Benefits: Bscbenefitsadmin@ogs.ny.gov
Credit Cards: Bscfinance@ogs.ny.gov
HCM Transactions: BSCHR@ogs.ny.gov
HR Records Management: BSCHRForms@ogs.ny.gov
Payroll: BSCHR@ogs.ny.gov

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