Omega Watch Phoenix Arizona Service Center

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The facilitation of watch repair and servicing is undertaken at this center located at 2502 E. Camelback Road, 85016, Phoenix. For inquiries and services, contact them at +1 602 667 3541.

Service Support

To claim warranty and avail other services such as repairs, a Registration Portal is provided. All services can be accessed after registering the product.

Inquiry Support

For various queries such as water resistance features, authenticity checks, information on different products, and other support, refer to the Answers available in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Omega website.
Driving Directions:
Easily reach this location by following the Directions available on maps.

Near Me Locations

To locate any Omega watch repair center in Arizona, utilize the Location Service based on convenience.

Watch Functions

Push Button

These buttons are incorporated on the watch to initiate/terminate a function. For instance, the 2 o'clock push button is provided to control the chronograph.

Helium Escape Valve

This feature is exclusive to Sea Master professional watches and is used for adjusting atmospheric pressure.

Timing Buttons

These buttons are provided to adjust the time on the watch and are available on almost all watches.

Finding The Right Omega

By Size

Selections for women's and men's watches are available to determine the appropriate size.

Style Finding

This Include the following:
  • Dress Watches.
  • Sports Watches.
  • Dive Watches.

Selection Based On Material

  • Gold Watches.
  • Titanium watches.
  • Ceramic watches.
  • Steel watches.

Classification Based On Features

  • Master chronometer watches.
  • Chronograph Watches.
  • Automatic watches.
  • Manual winding watches.
  • Quartz watches.

Contact by Scan

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