Onan Generator Repair Service Center: Near Me Locations

Onan Generator Repair Service Center Locations Near Me

Onan Generator Repair Service: The authorized service centers for RV Onan generators offers repair and maintenance service. The services include engine repair, turbo, filter replacement, spark plug replacement and other servicing. The service center also offers repair of oil system, hoses, gaskit, compressor and other systems. In addition the dedicated service centers are equipped to provide genuine Onan Green label parts and accessories. Customers can find Authorized Service Centers in nearby locations online or check the given list below to visit an authorized service location.
Alabama Rv & Storage
3041 Wetumpka Hwy.
Montgomery, ALABAMA 36110
334 270-1100
Benchmark Rv Center California
11660 Tuxford St
Sun Valley, CALIFORNIA 91352-3134
818 504-4813
Genserve, Inc. New York
Approximately 29.4 Miles from new york
100 Newtown Rd
Plainview, NEW YORK 11706
631 435-0437
Colburn Power Illinois
12403 Bell Lane
Marion, ILLINOIS 62959
618 997-9015
Spitzer Industrial Products Colorado
6601 North Washington
Thornton, COLORADO 80229
(303) 287-3414
Monmouth Marine Engines Inc New Jersey
536 Union Lane
Brielle, NEW JERSEY 08730
732 528-9290
Dixie Diesel Service Utah
1131 Highland Dr
St. George, UTAH 84770
435 673-3566
Gentech Research And Diagnosis, Llc Ohio
5079 Robinson Vail Road
Franklin, OHIO 45005
513 344-3388
West Generator Service, Inc. Pennsylvania
434 Quarry Rd
Harleysville, PENNSYLVANIA 19438
215 362-6324

Onan RV Generator Customer Support Service

Customer Service Helpline: The designated service provider for Onan generator offer all after sale service and customer care assistance. The support center empower customers to connect via 1-800-286-6467 and speak with a live representative about the repair and maintenance facilities.
Service Schedule: The service providers empower customers to book service request for generator repair and maintenance. Customers can Schedule Service by choosing among the service categories, enter information about service requirement and personal details.
Technical Support: The service centers has skilled technicians to offers technical assistance regarding repair and installation of power get sets. Call at 800-343-7357 between Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm to avail technical support.
Store Contact: To place order for new generators, parts, and accessories contact the cummins Onan at 1-877-938-6762 . The store helpline remains open Monday-Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Global Support Helpline:
Canada: 1-800-286-6467
UK: 00 8000 286 6467
Ireland: 00 8000 286 6467
Australia: 1 300 286 646
New Zealand: 0 800 286 6467
Austria: +44 (0) 1327 886464
Singapore: +65 6265 0155
Malaysia: +603-8067 8888

Onan RV generator Parts and Maintenance Support

The certified service centers offers all needed parts and maintenance support to customers. Parts for maintenance can be order from Cummins Store across USA. The parts are designed to enhance durability and performance of generators. The service provider offer parts under below categories.

  • Air Filters: The authorized service providers offers Genuine Cummins Onan air filters that are designed to stop dirty air intake into generator engine system. The air filters help to reduce wear out of piston rings and cylinders.
  • Spark Plugs: Replacement of spark plugs are also done at the designated service centers. The spark plugs come gapped correctly from the factory for your RV generator engine.
  • Oil Filters: At service centers you can avail genuine oil filters that feature valves to bypass the oil filter during cold start. Replacement of oil filters are necessary to reduce risk of debris buildup, oil pressure starvation that can lead to high oil pressures, failed gaskets and even engine damage.
  • OnaMax Oil Update: The oil weight system designed for Onan RV gasoline and liquefied petroleum (LP) generators. The system offers benefits like identical engine oil blend used in RV generators and protects against wear in air- or water-cooled engines.
  • RV Manuals: Customers can also get RV generator manuals of known operators and installation manuals.

Troubleshooting Support for Onan Generator RV, Parts and Repair

RV generators can develop some minor issues during operation that can be resolved without the help of technicians. The issues can be resolved by using some basic troubleshooting techniques. Below are some tips and tricks for diagnosing and repairing minor issues of Onan Generator.

  • Checking the fuel level as the RVs have a “low oil” shutoff that could be causing problems.
  • Refill the oil tank once the tank is below ¼ tank
  • Replacing the spark plugs and filters
  • Running carb cleaner through the system
  • Replacing the voltage regulator slip rings
  • Checking the circuit breaker on the back of the unit
  • Checking inside the housing for rodents and bugs
  • Check the ground wire is connected on both ends firmly
  • Look for the fault codes that appear on the display to resolve issue

Warranty Service and Claim Support

Warranty Service: Onan RV generators are backed with three years of warranty service that cover repair and maintenance services. Customers can ask for free repair and replace for eligible works during the warranty period. The generators can be protected by taking extended warranty plans also. The manufacturer warranty is available for eligible repairs only.
What Is Covered Under Warranty: The manufacturer warranty cover repair of all failures caused from defects in material, design or workmanship. The service also cover parts and labor on major power train and generator parts during the third year of warranty.
What Is Not Covered: Damage caused by improper maintenance or misuse of the generator. The service also not cover the damages caused by the fuel "varnish" accumulation in the carburetor and fuel pump. Scheduled maintenance work is also not covered by the manufacturer warranty.
Warranty Claim Support: There are many ways to claim warranty benefits from the manufacturer. The main means to c;aim warranty are following:
Service Helpline: The designated service helpline i.e. 1-800-888-6626 can be used to claim warrant services.
Service Provider: Contact your Service Provider for claim filing information.
Through Email Support: Email Warranty@cummins.com for claim filing information at your location