PSC Service Center Michelin: Contacts & Locations Near Me

1 Parkway S, Greenville, SC 29615, USA
+1 864-458-5000
The Personnel Service Center (PSC) at Michelin is a department within the Michelin Group, which is a French multinational tire manufacturing Company. The PSC at Michelin is responsible for managing human resources-related tasks for the Company's employees, such as hiring, training, and payroll processing. The PSC at Michelin handles a wide range of employee-related issues, including compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance management, and compliance with labor laws and regulations. The center also provides support for employees who may have questions or concerns about employment status, benefits, or other related issues. Overall, the Personnel Service Center at Michelin is an important department that helps to ensure that the Company's employees are well taken care of and that employees have the resources needed to succeed in roles within the organization.

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How to Access Benefits Information Through the PSC?

The Michelin employee may be able to access employee profile and benefits information by logging into the Company's intranet or the PSC portal using Company-provided credentials. Employees can also contact the PSC for assistance with accessing information or making changes to the employee profile.