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The Provider Online Service Center (POSC) functions as a web-based portal that furnishes diverse services and amenities related to Mass Health. This platform is accessible to providers, business partners, and relationship entities, facilitating various transactions. Below, we present details about the Executive Office (Health & Human Services), along with additional pertinent information for your reference as needed.

For inquiries and assistance, contact the Mass Health Customer Service Center at (800) 841-2900, where they will guide you through the data collection process. Should you encounter issues related to username and password issuance or face difficulties accessing services, reach out to the Virtual Gateway Help Desk at (800) 421-0938 .

If you have technical questions, you may also communicate via fax at (617) 988-8974. The Customer Service team diligently reviews inquiries of this nature.

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services is situated at 1 Ashburton Pl 11th floor, Boston, MA 02108.

Service Organizations

Within the health and human services domain, distinct organizations manage and provide benefits to society. The primary branches are enumerated below.
  • Board of registration in medicine.
  • Executive office of elder affairs.
  • Department of transitional assistance.
  • Mass health.
  • Department of children and families.
  • Department of mental health.
  • Department of veteran services.
  • Developmental service support.

Email Correspondence

Kindly dispatch emails to to establish communication, and they will respond with a resolution in accordance with the nature of your request or inquiry.

Inquiry Support

Gain insights into a spectrum of queries pertaining to the Provider online service center, encompassing services offered, registration assistance, user ID and password support, Mass Health current data information, transactional services, etc., by perusing the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Access this resource by navigating to (>FAQs.

Prior Authorization (PA) Service

This service enables the acquisition of approval before administering specific services to members. Utilize the online direct data entry portal to review, assess, approve, modify, or deny a particular non-emergency medical service. Should you wish to submit the PA request form, it can be sent by mail to 100 Hancock Street, 6th Floor, Quincy, MA 02171-1745.

Directions for Commute:
Adhere to the directions provided on maps to navigate from Executive Health Office to your destination at 1 Ashburton Pl 11th floor, Boston, MA 02108.

If you contemplate a personal visit to the office of Health and Human Services, kindly refer to the provided schedule for operational hours.
Monday to Friday9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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