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Public Health Support

Customer Support Number: People seeking information and assistance related to public health in Berkeley, California related to the adults, seniors, kids, and more can connect department at (510) 981-5300 TDD
(510) 981-6903 during Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
Email Support: Request information and support at
Fax: Send details through fax at 510) 981-5395
Adults And Seniors: To avail health support regarding seniors and adults contact department over phone at (510) 981-5300 and through Fax at (510) 981-5395 . Email can be forwarded at
Public Health Clinic: People residing in Berkeley, CA can get information related to the Public health clinic by connecting at 510) 981-5350 or via fax at (510) 981-5385
Aging Services Division: Reach department to seek aging service assistance by calling (510) 981-5170 Fax at (510) 981-5112 . Support can also be requested through email at
Health Status Report: Concerned support can be asked by dialing (510) 981-5300 or sending Fax at (510) 981-5395
High School Health Center: The helpline is meant for the Families, students and teachers to provide mental health support and consultation, etc. Get in touch by calling at (510) 981-5240 , Monday - Friday from 11:30 AM - 4 PM or drop email at
Technology Academy Health Center: The B- Tech health center is also engaged in proving mental health support and consultation the to families, students and teachers contact 510) 644-6095 or fax (510) 644-4862 to get detailed information.
Public Health Emergency Preparedness: Dial 510-981-5300 , 510-981-5395 (Fax), 510-981-6903 (TDD) or make in person visit atCity Of Berkeley Public Health Division, 1947 Center Street, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704 during Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Birth Certificates

: Support related obtaining birth certificate or record can be availed by dialing (510) 981-5320 , (510) 981-5315 (fax). Email
Black Infant Health Program: For free counselling, social support and parenting education of the African families in regard with their babies are offered under this program. More can be asked at 510) 981-5110 or via Fax (510) 981-2391 .
Child Health & Disability Prevention: The program particularly provides health promotion and disease prevention assistance for children's reach desk over phone at (510) 981-5333 or fax concerns at
510) 981-5300 or by sending fax at (510) 981-5395
Chronic Disease Prevention: The support under this program is provided to the community members to live healthy lifestyle such as tobacco prevention, healthy eating and nutrition, heart and blood pressure prevention assistance, etc. Call (510) 981-5300 or fax (510) 981-5395 to know more.

Health Service Location Near by

Contact public health service center in Berkeley California to get assistance related to health programs, aging support, infant and children health etc using following details.

City Of Berkeley Public Health Division

1947 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States
+1 510-981-5300
Nearby Location: Get to know the details of other public health clinics or service centers providing health care support by clicking Nearby Location

UC Berkeley School Of Public Health

2121 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States
+1 510-643-0881
Open 24 hours

Ann Chandler Public Health Center (ACPHC)

830 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710, United States
+1 510-981-5350
Berkeley Health & Human Services
1645 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703, United States
+1 510-981-5205

Berkeley Mental Health Department Family, Youth & Children Services

3282 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703, United States
+1 510-981-5280
Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM, Saturday, Sunday 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Center For Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness

1918 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States
+1 510-643-4939

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