Rose Hill Veterinary Health Service Center

  • The center is engaged in offering animal related services in with health and wellness. Min services offered by the center include wellness and vaccinations, nutrition & weight management, Allergies & Dermatology, etc.
  • Rose Hill Emergency Care Services: The center operated 24/7 emergency unit to provide immediate assistance to the animals experiencing Difficulty breathing, Ingestion of a foreign object or toxic substance, Broken bones, Cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds and more. Dial (316) 260-5019 to know more.
  • Rose Hill House Calls Service: The service is provided in the situation where animal is too sick or large and cannot be taken to the hospital. With the house calls service center can arrange visit to home in order to examine the pet. Get in touch to arrange house call visit (316) 260-5019
  • Rose Hill Wellness & Vaccinations: The center offers the range of wellness & vaccinations programs to keep pet healthy all time and to keeping them away from the numerous ailments by regular checkups, diagnosing the health issues if any on time.
  • Rose Hill Diagnostic Service: The health center operates hi end In-House Laboratory to diagnose the exact ailments of the pet in case they are acting unusual. The facilities offered at the center include Imaging, radiology, Ultrasound, reproduction, Vaccinations & Preventive Care, and much more.

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The health center can be reached out to avail all veterinary related support in order to keep pet healthy and fit all time. The center has expertise in surgery, laser therapy, Dentistry, large animal care, emergency, and much more. Visit or call health center using mentioned details below.
Hodes Veterinary Health Center
1060 N Rose Hill Rd, Rose Hill, KS 67133, United States
+1 316-260-5019
Email or message can be forwarded through contact us form at
Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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