Ryobi Battery Service Center: Repair & Replace

How to Repair Ryobi Battery

Ryobi batteries are used in various power tools and outdoor equipment. The batteries are used in drills, hammers and cutters. Customers can fix various issues facing by the batteries. Ryobi batteries are lithium-ion batteries that can be repaired by using the below means.

  • Check the charging temperature as Ryobi batteries are to be charged between between 41oF and 113oF
  • Clean the contacts on both the battery and the charger
  • Put batteries into charger if found in sleep mode
  • Repeat the charging and discharging method.
  • Replace the cells in the batteries.

How to Replace Ryobi Battery

Customers can replace the Ryobi batteries at the designated service locations. The under-warranty batteries are eligible to replace. Clients can call at 877-655-5250 to replace the batteries. For other customer service related support use the below mentioned helpline channels.
Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-525-2579
For Power Tool Parts
Phone: 1-877-545-4099
For Outdoor Tool Parts
Phone: 1-877-545-4110