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Sears Car Service Center, also known as Sears Auto Center, delivers top-notch auto repair solutions to car owners, administered by its ASE Certified technicians to enhance car performance. Each visit offers customers complimentary consultations, and maintenance services are economically priced. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies in the auto repair industry, the center provides the following services:

Sears Hydration Service

The automobile system relies on various fluids for critical functions such as engine cooling and transmission lubrication. The service entails checking coolant levels and replacing old coolant, substituting aged differential fluid to prevent overheating, and flushing the power steering hydraulic system, replacing it with high-quality synthetic fluid for optimal performance

Sears Brake System Evaluation

Squeaking and grinding sounds from the brakes indicate the need for servicing, which is crucial for passenger and pedestrian safety, signaling compromised braking system performance. Certified brake technicians inspect and repair worn brake components like pads, rotors, and drums.

Sears Tires & Wheels Repair

To maximize tire longevity, routine maintenance procedures like tire rotation, balancing, and pressure checks are essential. Tire rotation and balancing ensure even tread wear, enhancing service life, while tire leaks are addressed using an internal patch/plug combination.

Electrical System Support

A malfunctioning electrical system can hinder proper battery charging and vehicle starting. Scheduled inspection and cleaning of the electrical system components, including the battery, alternator, cable ends, and serpentine belt, are imperative. Sears Auto Center ensures the battery maintains a full charge.

Steering & Suspension Service

Steering and suspension systems are pivotal for safe vehicle handling and control. Thorough examination for any issues is conducted, and necessary repairs are carried out by qualified technicians.
Most Sears Car Service centers have been permanently closed. Contact the numbers provided before visiting to confirm if services are still available.

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Sears Car Service Center Locations In Virginia

Sears Auto Center

(703) 421-5995
20990 Dulles Town Cir, Dulles, VA 20166

Sears Car Service Center Locations In Maryland

Sears Auto Center

(240) 847-5405
11259 New Hampshire-White Oak, Silver Spring, MD 20904

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