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Tesla manufactures electric and hybrid cars across a spectrum of models and designs. An extensive network of service centers and charging stations has been established by the auto service provider to administer post-sale services and repair amenities. These service centers offer filter replacement and tune-up services to cater to customer needs. The foundational services provided by the auto service center encompass the following:

Sale and Service

Tesla-authorized service centers extend support pertaining to both vehicle sales and servicing. Customers are afforded comprehensive vehicle maintenance and tune-up services. Moreover, these centers facilitate customers in scheduling test drives before committing to a purchase, allowing them to assess features and performance firsthand.

Finance Service

The electric car dealership offers accessible finance and car lease options to its clientele. For inquiries regarding finance applications and payment services, individuals may contact (888) 518-3752 to access requisite assistance.

Warranty Support

Tesla ensures warranty coverage for vehicles under 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. Vehicles under warranty entitlement benefit from complimentary repair services and parts replacement.

Tire Repair and Maintenance

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, authorized service centers are adept in providing tire-related services. These services encompass tire rotation, balancing, and computerized wheel alignment services.

Charging Services

Tesla guarantees charging services at designated service stations, with the added convenience of home charging facilities facilitated through certified centers.

Roadside Assistance by Tesla Service Center West Palm Beach

Tesla is committed to deliver roadside assistance to customers. The assistance is provided in case of vehicle breakdown, flat tire, vehicle lockout, mechanical issues and other roadside problems. To book roadside assistance via mobile App follow the below given instructions.
  1. Open the app and select "Roadside".
  2. Select the issue(s) car is experiencing.
  3. Confirm any additional details related to request.
  4. Select "Request help".

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