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The educational service center provides assistance and support for education programs and services to schools, teachers, and students in Trumbull County. The center conducts numerous professional development training programs for educators as well. The main programs offered are in the areas of education, administration, and student services.

TCESC’s - Administrative Services

The center is involved in providing a wide range of administrative services such as professional learning, bus driving certification, curriculum and instruction supervision, health insurance, etc.

TCESC’s - Educational Service Support

This encompasses programs related to Adapted Physical Education, Audiology, Autism Programming, Extended School Year, and more. Additionally, the center offers assistance in areas like Speech and Language Pathology. For consultations, contact the service desk at 330-505-2800.

TCESC’s - Student Services

The center has developed a broad range of student service programs aimed at enhancing skills and learning, including Challenge 24, Civic Day, Fine Arts Program and Art Show, Gifted and Talented Programming, Spelling Bee, and more.

What Kind Of Professional Training Is Provided By Trumbull County Educational Service Center?

The center provides highly specialized professional training programs for schools across the district, equipping educators with the skills needed to tackle daily school challenges. These training sessions focus on instructional approaches, accountability, testing, and data analysis. Additionally, the center tailors the training methodologies to meet the specific requirements of individual schools.

Does Trumbull County Educational Service Center Offers Scholarship Support?

Yes, all support and information regarding available scholarships throughout Trumbull County are provided by the center. Various Combined Scholarship programs such as the First Place Community Fund, Loren Hunter (exclusive to Warren City Students), Stanley L. and Grace A. Woofter, etc., are also offered.

Scholarship Information Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, the following general requirements must be met:
  • The applicant must be a resident of Trumbull County or enrolled in any Trumbull County school.
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on above-average success in high school grades or final class tasks.
  • Applications must be submitted through specific school counselors.

The application must include enclosed attachments of class rank, ACT and/or SAT scores, a reference letter from the school counselor or administrator, a brief essay on career goals explaining influenced life experiences and future goals, along with the present W-2 form of parent(s) and/or guardian(s) and self.
Please note that after completing the online application, it must be printed and returned to the school counselor.

What is Trumbull County Educational Service Center Family and Community Engagement Program?

The primary goal of the Family and Community Engagement Program by Trumbull County Educational Service Center is to improve the health and wellness of both children and families to foster success. Various programs, such as the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing, Supporting and Nurturing Children at Home, and assisting Children in Managing Fears, are included. Additionally, community service programs like Thrive Counseling, Youth Intensive Services, and Youth/Young Adults in Transition have been initiated by the center.

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6000 Youngstown Warren Rd, Niles, OH 44446.
(330) 505-2800
Fax: 330.505.2814

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309 North Rhodes Ave., Niles, OH 44446
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