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UPS (United Postal Services) Customer Service Center

Contact Us: To avail support regarding the domestic and international shipping and mailing services, you need to contact UPS (United Postal Services) customer service center. You can get virtual support regarding the postal services through their "Contact Us" webpage i'e; "". You can also ask for the printed labels, packaging, freight facilities, pickup and drop off services.
Customer Service Number: For domestic shipping and mailing questions, contact us at (800) 742-5877 (24/7).
Schedule Pickup: You can schedule your "Pickup Requests" by following the the mentioned webpage "".
TTY/TDD Access: Specially disabled customers can call on the given helpline number 1-800-833-0056 for general services support.
Office Location: Customer care/service center is addressed at 4255 James E Casey Dr, Jacksonville, Fl 32219.
Government Shipments, Pickup Requests & Rate Quotes: If you have to ship your government parcels and or want to schedule a pickups, contact at (800)227-8046 .
Service Center Hours: The service office is open for customers in between Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm, Saturday & Sunday: Closed.
Urgent Services: UPS (United Postal Services) offers urgent shipping services, for more information and terms and conditions, talk to our representative at (800)644-0900.
International Import/Export Services: If you need help regarding your international parcels, speak with our representative at 800-782-7892 .
Near Me Locations: Find the Nearby Service Centers of shipping and mailing services, through the mentioned path.

Pickup/Drop Off Store Locations Near You

The UPS Store #7292 - Dunn Highland Square:
1036 Dunn Ave, Ste 4, Jacksonville, FL 32218
(904) 337-1076
Fax: (904) 503-8390

Arlington Expressway - The UPS Store #3676:
9378 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 727-0027
Fax: (904) 727-0809

St Johns Bluff Rd South - The UPS Store #2969:
3545 St Johns Bluff Rd South, Ste 1, Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 642-6607
Fax: (904) 642-7813

Westside Jacksonville - The UPS Store #5635:
7749 Normandy Blvd, Ste 121, Jacksonville, FL 32221
(904) 693-3835
Fax: (904) 693-3873

Baymeadows And San Jose - The UPS Store #3879:
3832-10 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 739-1363
Fax: (904) 739-1364

Atlantic Blvd - The UPS Store #3559:
13245 Atlantic Blvd, Ste 4, Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 221-2345
Fax: (904) 221-2346

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