USCIS Service Center Codes: Locations

Services Offered at USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)

USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is a government agency responsible for managing following services.
Naturalization Service: This facility involves the issuance of citizenship to the non resident people of US, to avail it you need to follow required procedure as described by them.
Visa Service: In case you are in need of work visa, then you can contact USCIS in order to get it. All visa petitions are handled by them.
Address Change: You can change your address by visiting the nearest center and filling out AR-11 form, further it can also be changed online if you already have an account.
Employment Service: You can verify the identity and authorization of employment through I-9 form.
Card Service: You can ask for renewal or replacement of green card at any authorized office location.
Immigration Support: This includes the formalities and legal procedures by which you can reside permanently in US, complete process is handled by USCIS.

Service Center Codes (Locations)

USCIS office locations have three letter codes which have been mentioned below for your reference.

  1. CSC: California Service Center
  2. EAC: Vermont Service Center
  3. IOE: ELIS (e-filing)
  4. LIN: Nebraska Service Center
  5. MSC: National Benefits Center
  6. NBC: National Benefits Center
  7. NSC: Nebraska Service Center
  8. SRC: Texas Service Center
  9. TSC: Texas Service Center
  10. VSC: Vermont Service Center
  11. WAC: California Service Center
  12. YSC: Potomac Service Center

How to Contact USCIS

E-Mail Support: You can send them mail at in case you are having any technical issues in using the account service and they will assist you accordingly.
Service Number: You can call at 800-375-5283 if you want to talk with the representative by phone. Here you may inquire about the support service or discuss your issue with them, if it cannot be resolved instantly then they will forward it to concerned department accordingly. In case you are calling from outside US then you need to call at 212-620-3418 .
Appointment Schedule: For requesting an in person appointment you can call at 800-375-5283 . This service has been made available in case you want to collect/submit proof of immigration, travel documents, etc.
Adoption Inquiry: If you want to inquire about the citizenship issuance in a case where there is adoption and the child is not a resident of US, then you can mail your query at and they will help you out accordingly.