Wood County Educational Service Center: Bowling Green Ohio Service Location

Services and Programs of Wood County Educational Service Center

Wood County education service center is responsible for providing elementary education services and programs to improve the quality of education. The main focus of the education service center is to improve the teaching and learning process. The services are available for elementary children to grades kindergarten through sixth. The main programs offered by the center include the following:

  • Arts Activities: The education service center provides arts activities and programs to promote creativity among the elementary school children.
  • Cultural Studies and Global Learning: The service center frames curriculum for schools that include cultural studies and global concept learning support.
  • Health & Safety: The center provides support to takecare of the health and safety of school going children. Numerous programs are organized to promote health consciousness among the students.
  • Technology Support: Wood County education service center provides facilities to use the latest technology in classrooms for improving teaching and learning experience.
  • Math and Problem Solving: The center offers math computer intervention program and practical problem solving classes to develop abilities among the students.
  • Motor Skills: Services are provided to focus on motor skills of children and use positive youth development programming to solve problems.
  • Reading and Writing Support: Various programs are guided to promote writing skills among the students of elementary and pre-schools.
  • Service Projects, Learning & Character Building: Asssign different scientific projects, learning activities and focus on developing character of students.

Special Eduaction Services by Wood County Educational Service Center

The education service center works in association with districts and educational staff to identify behavioral issues, frame conflict resolutions, and classroom management. The main aim of special education is to cover physical, social-emotional, psychological, and behavioral potential.
School Psychologist: The service center provides training and guidance to school psychologists regarding counseling and therapies for emotional impairments, at-risk behaviors, or social-emotional needs of students. The center also provides skill enhancement training to school teachers for behavior management.
Early Childhood Services: The early childhood services are available for children ages 3–5. Early education includes instructions to teach students to cooperate, talk to peers and adults, make choices, and solve problems. Art, music, and motor activities are also an essential part of early education services. Call at 419-354-9010 to request a Pre-Registration Form.

Employment / Job Support by Wood County Educational Service Center

The employment section of the Education service center is responsible for advertising available vacancies and posts. The center offers employment under various categories. Applicants can submit applications and receive a confirmation number. Visit the employment section to check the application procedure and other needed information.

Contact Support for Wood County Educational Service Center

Wood County Educational Service Center Bowling Green OH
1867 North Research Dr. Bowling Green OH 43402

Juvenile Detention Center
1032 South Dunbridge Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Juvenile Residential Center
1012 South Dunbridge Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402

Preschool Information

Wood County Academy
First Presbyterian Church
126 S. Church St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402