Xcel Energy Newport Minnesota Service Center

Contact Us: Customers can fill the Contact Us form in order to attain the instant help regarding the power and gas energy services offered by the Xcel Energy Company.
Call at 800-895-1999 for general help regarding the new connections and gas refills.
For Emergencies: During emergency, call at 9-1-1 . Before digging, call at 811 in order to prevent gas or electric lines buried from hitting.
Start, Stop & Transfer: For starting, stopping or moving services, contact at (800) 895-4999.
Report an Gas Outages: For gas leakages or outages, contact at 800-895-2999.
For Electric Outages: For electric outages, talk to our representative at 800-895-1999 on 24/7.
The service office locates at 3000 Maxwell Ave, Newport, MN 55055.
Talk to Energy Experts: Call at 800-481-4700 for all general questions in between Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Text Us Support: Report outage by sending an SMS as Text OUT and send to 98936. To check outage status, type Text STAT and send to 98936.
Near Me Locations: To locate Nearby Service Centers for electric and gas services go through the mentioned link.

How to Pay Your Bills

Bill Pay By Phone: Call at 800-895-4999 for automated bill payments or can contact directly to Fiserv at 888-747-1523 .
Pay By Mail: Xcel Energy, P.O. Box 9477, Minneapolis, MN 55484-9477
Online/Paperless Billing: Customers can use online portal for bill payments where they can also enroll themselves for paperless billing.
Credit or Debit Card Payments: Use Credit or Debit Cards for billing & payment purposes supervised by BillMatrix.
Auto Pay: You can also choose Auto Pay option for the bill payments.
Mobile App: You can download registered app from Google Playstore or Apple store in order to make billing and payments easier.
In Person: Customers can find nearby pay stations and can pay cash or send money order in order to make bill payment.

Programs & Rebates

  • Home Lighting & Rebates
  • Residential & Business Renewable Energy Programs
  • Heating and Cooling Rebates
  • Electric Vehicles & Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Equipment Rebates & Farm Programs

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