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Samsung Repair Service Center Support

Service Center: Samsung is an electronic brand that provides various products under different categories. The products include home care, personal care, mobile and electrical items. The company service centers are established to render all needed repair and maintenance services. Customers can call at 02.8703.2196 to claim assistance from service representatives.
For Mobile Devices:
PLDT Toll Free: 1-800-10-726-7777
Global Toll Free: 1-800-8-726-7777
Standard Landline: 63 (2) 422-2177

For Home Appliances:

PLDT Toll Free: 1-800-10-7267864
Global Toll Free: 1-800-8-7267864
Standard Landline: +63 (2) 422-2111

Consumer Quires to Samsung Service Center Italy

Ms. ElaineSep 15, 2017
Hi. I am on vacation from Australia and I am having an issue with my s7 galaxy edge. It keeps on restarting and back of the phone got fat. May you please advise where can I get my phone fixed? I am currently in Florence, Italy. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.
Mr. Christian NarteySep 16, 2014
I received a Samsung s4 gti9515 from italy.
But unfortunately its region locked as it requires me to provide a SIM network unlock code. The phone is not carrier locked though. Please help as its been a month now and cannot use the phone. Awaiting your quick response.
Ms. Annaliza Deleon De VeraSep 05, 2014
Hi i have a problem with my phone since monday. It doesn't charge anymore. My question is, It is possible to replace a new phone because my Samsung note3 is only ten months and it's like this now. I hope you give me a good answer for my problem as soon as possible thank you.
Mr. Abdullah Al MahmudSep 03, 2014
My windows phone had problem, i went Samsung assistance, they repair my phone, now i can not download any software, my windows live ID doesn't working, they ask for call service activate code, but i do not have call services number. What can i do.
Mr. Kennedy UbaAug 18, 2014
Am a tourist from nigeria l bought a phone on thursday 14th August at at napoli dealers shop and two days later the screen is showing half,
most of the icon cannot being seen, so l went to them for replacement and they referred me to your service center in napoli but unfortunate they are not open today and am ready to return to rome for my plane to lagos please reply to let me know what to do and if it can be replace in your service center in nigeria or should l come to your office in rome for the replacement. Thanks.
Ms. Carolina DiazJul 21, 2014
I want to know if you have on sale the clock Samsung gear fit.
And how much? i am interesting so my email is ilsecarolina89@hotmail. Com
I will be waiting the reply.
Thank you.
Mr. Michael SolomonJul 16, 2014
I have a Samsung galaxy 2. I cannot connect to my computer through USB cable. The cable works for charging the phone. I am looking for a icon which will allow mass storage devices without success. I do not know where the device manager is on the phone.
Ms. Eleonor RegachoJun 18, 2014
I buy Samsung note two here in italy but i cant use the phone in the Philippine. Is this the regional lock there saying. How can i unlock this my daughter cant use it anymore on calling. Can you please advice what to do. This is my email Thank you in advance.
Ms. Sheikh AwladJun 14, 2014
With due respect.
I bought a "Samsung note 3" from the center Vodafone sale on 11/25/13 and that stolen 15/12/13 (20 days). But they have not done anything for this.
Then buy "new Samsung note 3" on 5/27/14. From one day when i charge my phone becomes very hot. Then it is a problem do to show and connect phone and internet display. For this reason i went to the seller. Do not help me.
Then i went to the Samsung service center (at 25 tenth street, rome) say that my cell guaranteed by the european union (not in italy) so you have nothing to do for me. And gives me this address.

Please can you tell me now what should i do?
Waiting for your answer helpful.

Awlad sheikh.
+39,329,822 4976.