Samsung South Africa Service Centre: Near Me Repair Locations

Samsung South Africa Service Centre

Samsung South African service centres offers broad range of support and services in terms of repairing mobile phones, TV & AV, Home Appliance, and IT products. Contact centre to get support and help by phone at 08607 267 864

Near Me Repair Locations

Head Office: Samsung Electronics South Africa, 2929 William Nicol Dr, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021, South Africa
Main Number: +27 11 549 1500
Customer Service Number (Call Center): Call at 08607 267 864
Samsung Pay: 0860 726 623
General Questions:
Smartphone, Tablet or Wearable: 0860 726 7864
Product Support: 0860 726 7864
Business / IT Products Extended Warranty: 0860 726 222
Report Fraud: 0115491677 /
Social development proposals and donation requests to:
Samsung Customer Service Centre
Unit 36, N12, Industrial Park, 188 Dr Vosloo Rd, Bartlett, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa
+27 11 894 4100
Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Samsung Customer Service Centre
Shop 30, The Wedge Shopping Centre, 255 Rivonia Rd, Morningside, 2196, South Africa
+27 11 326 8337
Monday to Friday 8: 30 AM - 5: 30 PM
Samsung Customer Care Repair Centre
Edstan Business Park, 2 Ibhubesi Rd, Riverhorse Valley, Durban, 4037, South Africa
+27 31 569 2806
Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5PM, Saturday 8 AM - 1PM

Consumer Quires to Samsung South Africa Service Centre

Ms. Ms Yvonne AckermannMay 03, 2017
I have a Mini Compact System - 3-CD Changer and the CD compartment will not open. Who on the KZN South Coast can do repairs, in the Margate, Port Shepstone area. My cell number is: 082 859 0938
Thank you.
Ms. Sandra JardimApr 04, 2017
My Samsung fridge is not working well and i am unsure as to what the issue may be. It does not keep cold so require someone to assist in fixing the problem. I am based in Boksburg South ext 3. My number is 082 772 9051.
Mr. Bruce GardnerJun 22, 2015
I have a Samsung TV for which I have lost the stand. Please tell me where I can get one - i have been to your agent in Germiston/Bedfordview, but they have not been very helpful. The model is: LE37R88BD (R) A, The model code is LE37R88BD/XEU, Type No: BP37EO. PLEASE let me know asap Many thanks.
Ms. Mnqobi DlaminiMar 09, 2015
Hi. I am looking for a Samsung stove, I do not know whether its called ceron touch,, but I saw it on the internet and it is available in atlanta usa. The colour of the stove was black and silver. I live in Zimbabwe, is it possible for me to get it in south africa?

Mr. CharlesJan 27, 2015
Looking for LCD Camera Screen CLAA027GE25DE for my ES95. I reside in Cape Town. Kindly advice nearest shop and price range. Thanks.
Ms. Zizo SiwenduJan 16, 2015
My Samsung S4 (Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 - 357503051819136) was stolen on Sunday, 11 January 2015. The person that stole it is
the one that brought the phone in for repairs. Please hold it and do not
release it until I come there tomorrow. I have proof of purchase. It is a contract
phone. I've been trying to get hold of Darro two on 011 894 5485 to explain
but no one is picking up. I blocked this phone and I have the ITC number and the box with me.
Mr. Peet OosthuyzenJan 13, 2015
I have a Samsung s4 active phone that is one and a half year old. My screen cracked previously and Samsung boksburg repaired it for free, in December I had bad luck and cracked it again. Now what I was told that Samsung repairs two of your screens for free in two years. Can I bring the phone in for a repair?
Mr. Zeyn EllemdinJan 06, 2015
I have been calling the 894 number fir a long time and its engaged all the time how do i get hold of them if the number is busy ALL the time. Zeyn.
Mr. CalvinJan 05, 2015
MY S3 mini does not have enough storage space, I tried to delete all pictures, but still doing the same. Please assist on this matter.
Mr. Elias MolwantwaNov 14, 2014
I have a Samsung TV lcd40 and it has got a couples of lines at tip of the screen, can you fixed it or where can I take it. I am in Pretoria Gazina.
Ms. Zakira KhanOct 01, 2014
Hi, i just bought a Samsung mobile from cna and changed the SIM from vodacom to telkom mobile. Eversince i have been having numerous problems with invalid mmi code. Its extremely frustrating and disappointing. I have tried several suggestions from the net but none works. Currently i am unable to communicate with family. Its a trend plus, please supply me with your correct address.
Mr. Louis DeyselSep 08, 2014
I received a Samsung x cover two cell phone on my contract upgrade December 2013. I made my choice as this phone suites my work environment i must say its a tough durable phone but within the first six months the battery charger cover broke of not making it water and dust resistant anymore. I dropped my phone from out my hand about 500mm from the ground it fell flat on the screen and the whole screen cracked if you have a look at the phone ad a car drives over it so i do not know how hard it fell 500mm from the ground to break the screen. I took the phone to dion wired boksburg and they do not even list this phone on there system. Please could someone contact me in regards to repairing my phone please.
Mr. Roy LelloSep 05, 2014
My Samsung ms103hce microwave appears to be slowing down.
How long should it take to heat one litre of water from 20 to 98 centigrade ?
I will test my oven against your benchmark.
Thank you.
Ms. Tyla Van TilAug 21, 2014
Good day,
I have a Samsung galaxy s4 and i have damaged the lcd screen of the phone. The screen (when i first found the problem) was green and fuzzy and showed no picture and now the screen does not display anything at all.
I would like to have it fixed.
Please advise.
Kind regards,
Tyla van til.
Ms. BridgetteAug 19, 2014
My Samsung galaxy s4 does not charge, when i plug the charger in it detects and then nothing happens from there, i think its the charging socket, i do not have warranty anymore and need to know how much that might cost to fix.
Mr. Michael SmithAug 13, 2014
Hi to whom it may concern, i would like to know where i can purchase a galaxy s4 mini screen in durban, south africa. I really am desperate in finding a branch that i can purchase a new screen from.

Thank you.
Ms. Caroline MatsimaneAug 11, 2014
I have a Samsung galaxy tab3. I bought it in January. 2014. My tablet does not charge. When i plug in the charger it says "usb connector connected" instead of charging. I have tried to use my Samsung note ii charger, it shows the same message. What is the cause of this problem? please help me.
AdieJul 23, 2014
Good day what documents do I need to bring in to get my Samsung s4 fixed.
Mr. Brandon MoodleyJul 16, 2014
Hi there i have got a Samsung galaxy y and it keeps restarting again and again but want start up please help.
Contact me on:
Or Email me:
Mr. Jack CoetzerJul 09, 2014
Customer reference number 4152248055.
My service from Samsung help line excellent. But please try and do something about your service agents in port elizabeth communication skills.

Mr. DavonNov 18, 2013
I had my s4 phone for two months and then the battery gave in, I took it to tY
he Samsung at the terminal in bardene boksburg,on Monday the. 04 November and was told will be ready by Friday the 8th of November, I went all the way there on the day just to be told by another consultant that it will only be ready by Monday or Tuesday, I called in on Tuesday, to be told that it will only be ready on Friday, I then waited till then and called in Friday, and was told that it'll only be done on. Monday, I waited untill monday and called in yet again to be told it'll be done by Friday, again I called in and again was told the following Monday, its been three weeks and I've heard nothing from Samsung yet and regard all three consultants service as poor, they made promises that they did not keep, they didn't follow up or notify me on the delay, everytime I call in I get given sub-standard service and no-one really tried to help.
Ms. Ms KarremanNov 13, 2013
Spinning and drainage are not working parrallel to each other i have tried hot water as said in the manual that it could be clogged or frozen. Still no change.
Ms. LynnOct 02, 2013
My phone (s4) shows full signal yet calls and messages do not come in. I have to restart the phone every time to fix this. I have been told to take the phone to be assessed. How long does this take as I need my phone.
Mr. BernardAug 31, 2013
Good day, I recently purchased a new dishwasher and tried to register the product guarantee. I cann ot retrieve my password and do not get any response from anyone .
Can you please help