City Of Mesa East Mesa Arizona Service Center: REPAIR, MAINTENANCE, EMERGENCY and UTILITY SUPPORT

Support Services

: To get support from different departments of City Of Mesa East Mesa Arizona centers by using following phone numbers and email Addresses.
Customer Service Number: Connect with Utility Account customer service department at 480-644-2221
Electric Utility Emergencies: For electric emergencies connect at 480-644-2266
Gas: Gas related emergencies and issues can be solved at 480-644-4277
Water: Water related issues and concerns can be sorted out by calling at 480-644-2262
Electric Power Outage: Resolve problems related to power outage by contacting at 480-644-2266
General Questions: Send general questions in order to get assistance at
Police Non-Emergency: Non - Emergency support of police can be availed at 480-644-2211 Option 2.
Animal Control: Animal control assistance can be gained by contacting 480-644-2268 or email at
Arizona Museum Of Natural History: Get in touch with natural museum history by contacting at 480-644-2230 or send email at

Accounting Department

Benefits: Connect with Benefit department by dialing 480-644-2299 or forward email at
Budget: Budget related problems can be sorted out at 480-644-5799 or
City Attorney: Concerned center can be reached by dialing 480-644-2343 or dropping email at
City Auditor: For city auditor support call at 480-644-5059 or email at
City Clerk: City clerk can be contacted at 480-644-2099 or send email at
City Manager: Reach City Manager by dialing 480-644-2066 or
City Prosecutor: Avail concerned support by contacting 480-644-2210 or email at
Code Compliance: Assistance in terms of code compliance can be sorted out at 480-644-4273 or by emailing at
Collections: Get support at 480-644-3816
Community Development/ Maintenance: For community development and maintenance contact at 480-644-3536 or
Repair: Home repairs and other support can be gained at 480-644-3536 or
Development Services For development services get assistance at 480-644-4273
Diversity / Accessibility / Civil Rights: Concerned issues regarding the same can be solved by calling 480-644-5034 or email
Economic Development: Office of economic development can be reached by contacting 480-644-2398 or send request at
Election Information: Get related support at 480-644-4868
Engineering - Admin & Design: Get consultation by connecting 480-644-2251
Engineering - Construction: Dial 480-644-2253 to get required assistance.
Engineering - Materials Lab: Contact for material lab assistance at 480-644-6937
Public Relations: Public Relations department can be contacting 480-644-3800 or email at
Environmental Management & Sustainability: Contact at 480-644-2490 or email at
Falcon Field Airport: Contact Falcon Field Airport at 480-644-2450
Film Mesa: Related assistance can be availed at 480-644-2069
Fire & Medical: Consultation regarding fire and medical can be gained at 480-644-2101 or by emailing
Historic Preservation: Get connected with department at 480-644-2181 or
Housing: Inquiries related housing can be asked at 480-644-3536 or email at
Human Resources (Jobs): For jobs related questions get contacted with Human resource department at
I.d.e.a. Museum: Call at 480-644-2468
Innovation & Technology: For IT assistance contact at 480-644-2362
Licensing: Licensing support can be availed by dialing 480-644-2316
Mayor & City Council: Department can be reached at 480-644-6700
Mesa Amphitheatre: Get in touch at 480-644-2560
Mesa Arts Center: Center can be connected by dialing 480-644-6607
Mesa Convention Center: Call convention center at 480-644-2178
Mesa Public Library: Contact public library at 480-644-3100
Neighborhood Services: Get to know details about 480-644-5700
Office Of Management & Budget: Office of the management and budget can be dialed at 480-644-5799
Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities: Get concerns answered at 480-644-7529
Planning: Center of planning can be contacted at 480-644-4273
Police: In case of emergency call police at 480-644-2030
Purchasing: Purchasing related support can be availed at 480-644-2301
Real Estate Services: Get more real estate support by calling 480-644-2577
Surplus Store: Connect with center for help at 480-644-2686
Sustainability: Sustainability support can be gained at 480-644-3306
Tax (Sales/TPT): Sales department can be connected at 480-644-3816
Transit (Public Transportation): For transit support contact at 480-644-5541
Transportation (Streets): Street transportation assistance can be availed by calling 480-644-2160
Trash & Recycling: Related assistance can be gained by contacting 480-644-2221

Nearby Location

City of Mesa East Mesa Arizona service center for different issues and departments can be contacted using mentioned details.

Mesa City Plaza

20 E. Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201
Monday-Thursday from 7 AM to 6 PM
Nearby Location: Nearby location can be searched at Mesa City Plaza Location
Direction: Get directions located over Google Map at
Mesa City Plaza Service Center

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