Aberdeen Chrysler South Dakota Service Center: Value Lot, Reviews, Lease Specials, Phone Number & Hours

Aberdeen Chrysler South Dakota Service Center

Aberdeen Chrysler & The Pre-owned Auto Mall is a car dealer in Aberdeen, South Dakota offering new, pre-owned, certified pre-owned, and commercial vehicles at affordable prices. The business offers over 600 options of vehicles for selection to all the customers.

Value Lot, Reviews & Lease Specials

Value Lot: Value Lot is a collection of pre-owned & used vehicles available at Aberdeen Chrysler Center. On daily basis, the customer will get over 100 options of vehicles for selection in Aberdeen Chrysler Center's value lot collection that include around 50 vehicles valued less than $5000. In order to check the pre-owned & used vehicle collection, the customer can simply visit Aberdeen Chrysler's Value Lot Vehicles page.
Reviews: Before making a purchase, the customer usually checks the reviews of the business, and if the reviews are satisfactory, more often than not the customer goes on with the purchase process. In order to check out the reviews of Aberdeen Chrysler Center, simply visit Customer Testimonials page.
Lease Specials: Lease refers to making a purchase on easy monthly installments with zero down payment. Aberdeen Chrysler has also introduced a lease-purchase system so that the customers with less or no budget can purchase vehicles at affordable monthly installments. In order to check out the vehicles available for lease purchase and the amount to be paid on monthly basis, kindly visit Aberdeen Chrysler's Lease Specials page.

How To Contact Aberdeen Chrysler Center (Phone Numbers & Hours)?

  • Contact Us: The customer can send a message regarding all queries through the Contact Us page.
  • Chat/Text Support: The business has established a Chat/Text support for the convenience of the customer. To start a chat with the customer representatives, visit Aberdeen Chrysler Center's official Website followed by clicking on the Start Chat Icon located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Main/Sales Phone Number: For sales, the customer can contact the representatives on the number ?866-959-0520 .
  • Sales Hours: The sales representatives are available from Monday t0 Friday between 8 AM - 7 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM, and will remain Closed on Sundays.
  • Customer Service/Parts Phone Number: For customer service or parts related enquiry, call on 866-644-074 .
  • Customer Service/Parts Hours: The customer service support is available from Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM, and Closed on Sundays.
  • Center Address: The Aberdeen Chrysler Center is located at the address 901 AUTO PLAZA DRIVE • ABERDEEN, SD 57401.
  • Driving Directions: The customer can visit the service center by following the Driving Directions.
  • Order Parts: The customer can Order Parts online by filling up the contact, vehicle, and requested parts information.