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Educational Service Center Lake Erie West

Service Center Programs And Services: The service center for community schools operate the mentioned services and programs:
  • Alternate Learning Center and Attendance Services
  • Auxiliary Services Program and Background Checks
  • Challenger Learning Center and Collingwood Fitness Center
  • Community Schools and Early Childhood Program
  • Finance, Gifted Education, and Home Education
  • Resident Educator Consortium
  • School Safety Plans, Student Services/Special Education
  • Shared Services, Traffic Safety Program and Technology
Service Helpline: The education service center operates programs regarding education, financial assistance, employment and wellness. Call at 419-245-4150 to connect with customer service representative.
Finance Center: The dedicated center offers assistance to community schools regarding finance operations and managing financial services. Call at 419.245.4150 to claim services and assistance. Customers can also send queries via email at

Near Me Service Locations

Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West
Service Location: The education service center is located at "Richard Cox, Treasurer, 2275 Collingwood Boulevard
Toledo OH 43620".
Beth Tolson, Office of Student Services
ESC of Lake Erie West, 2275 Collingwood Boulevard
Toledo OH 43620