Family Service Center Galveston County Texas: Mental Health Service in Dickinson

Mental Health Services of Family Service Center

Family Service Center in Galveston County Texas is a non-profit organization that operate out-patient facility to provide mental health services to families and individuals. The service center offers counseling and therapeutic support for varied mental health problems under different programs. The support programs operated by the service center include:

  • Trauma Care: The mental health service center offers trauma care facilities through strengths-based, solution-focused counseling and emotional support. The service center teaches strategies and ways to cope with stress associated with stressful experience.
  • Youth And Family Support: Prevention and early intervention programs are organized to help youth through counseling and guidance. The family service center organize various counseling programs in schools in collaboration with community to help youth.
  • Individual And Family Service: Mental health counseling is provided to address varied issues like Anxiety, Marital Issues, Anger, ADHD/ADD and Depression. The service center also offers therapies for, Chronic Illness, Grief and Loss, Family Stress/Conflict and Relationship Issues.
  • Community Support: The service center provide counseling to all age group living in non-community settings. The community support program is aimed to reduce barriers to accessing counseling services and are provided to persons of all age groups.
  • Communities Of Care Initiative: Family service center receive grants to strengthen counseling programs for adults, youth and families. The aim is to develop healthy environment where in people live, learn, work, play, and pray.

How to Contact Family Service Center of Galveston County

Service Helpline: The family service center empower clients to connect via (409) 762-8636 and ask for needed assistance regarding counseling services and programs.
Service Hours: The helpline remain operational between 8am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday and 8am – 1pm, Friday
Out Of Hours Helpline: In case of an urgent need outside of work hours, please contact at 1-888-267-4994
Mental Health Hotline: For a mental health crisis, contact the Gulf Coast Center Crisis Line at 1-866-729-3848
Make An Appointment: Clients can Book Appointment to receive mental health counseling and therapies at the established clinics.
Dickinson Location:
2401 Termini Street, Suite C
Dickinson, TX 77539
phone: (281) 576-6366 or (409) 938-4814
Galveston Location
2200 Market Street, Suite 600
Galveston, TX 77550
phone: (409) 762-8636
fax: (409) 762-4185

Telemental Health Services of Family Service Center

Telemental Health services are clinical services provided with the help of technology. Persons in need receive counseling services over phone or computer by using internet. The service is alternative to in-person, traditional therapy or counseling. A counselor provide conduct counseling sessions by using digital means like phone or computer. People can receive mental health counseling at home to obtain assessment and treatment for their mental health. Mental health professionals are trained to provide counseling through video or phone sessions. Clients can collect information and support regarding Telehealth Service to avail benefits.