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Family Services Houston Missouri Service Center

Customer Service Number: Get in touch with the service center to avail all types of Family support regarding Blind Services, Cash Assistance, Child Care and Support, Employment & Training, Energy Assistance, Food Assistance, Health Care, Child Abuse and Neglect, and more at (417) 967-4551 or (417)-967-1128
Blind Services: This rehabilitation program is meant for the build people for their personal and employment success including skill development, training, etc know more about services and support at 1-800-592-6004 or email at

Temporary/ Cash Assistance

: The program is designed for the families with low income to provide them cash benefits to carry out household operations, clothing, utilities and other services. People need to fill application to become eligible for the support or Fax at (816) 889-2622 to get application approved. Alternatively, application can be mailed at Family Support Division Attn: TA Application, 615 E 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64106.
Child Care: Under this program, Low-income parents or guardians are provided cash to take care of their child with the age of 13 or older with special needs. Parents need to apply for the program by submitting an online application form or mailing the form to Family Support Division, 615 E 13th St., Kansas City, MO 64106
Child Abuse And Neglect: Report child abuse or neglect at 1-800-392-3738 . Hearing and speech impaired people can contact at 1-800-735-2466 /voice or 1-800-735-2966 /text phone.
Food Stamp Program: The program helps low income families or individuals with food. To apply individuals are required to submit application form for approval more details about the same can be availed at 1-800-392-1261 for case information and for Food Stamp interview contact at 855-823-4908
Health Care: Different healthcare programs are designed for Seniors, Disable people, expecting ladies, blind and visually impaired, families, uninsured women and more. Dial 1-800-392-1261 to know case information, MO HealthNet Exception Process call at 1-800-392-8030 , Constituent Services contact at 1-800-392-2161 and service center can be reached 1-855-373-4636

Near Me Support Center Locations To Contact

Get contacted with the service center for family support assistance related to Foster application, Missouri School Violence, Rehabilitation Service, Child Support, seniors, payment and food assistance, etc using following details.

Family Service Texas County

16798 Oak Hill Drive Rd # 600, Houston, MO 65483, United States
+1 417-967-5123
Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
Near Me Location: Visit Near Me Location to get information about various other family support centers located across the Houston, MO.
Walmart Baby & Nursery Services
1433 S Sam Houston Blvd, Houston, MO 65483, United States
+1 310-895-9983
Monday to Saturday 6 AM - 11 PM
Head Start
1470 S Sam Houston Blvd, Houston, MO 65483, United States
+1 417-967-4111
Texas County Child Support
519 N Grand Ave, Houston, MO 65483, United States
+1 417-967-3539