" Gargash Service Center Phone Number, description - 04 2099777, Fax 04 2690413

Gargash Service Center Contact Numbers and Address

Gargash Service Centre Contact Number
04 2099777, Fax 04 2690413 Contact number of Gargash

Registered Gargash Service Centre Official Address
The official Address of Gargash Service Centre is Al Ittihad Road, P.O. Box 1418, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Email Address To Contact Gargash Service Centre By Email

The email address of Gargash Service Cenetre is customer.care@gargash.ae.customer.care@gargash.ae.

Website of Gargash Service Center

www.gargash.ae is the official website of Gargash service centre

How can i Reach to Gargash?
See the driving directions map of Gargash to locate them easily.

Contact Person of Gargash Service Center
Sorry! The Contact Person of Gargash is not known or have changed in the mean time because information updated before 2/7/2019.

How can i Contact Gargash?
You can contact Gargash to send a text message or to get further information by following the given link.

Gargash Service Center Overview

Gargash Enterprises is a privately held company which is completely owned and operated through the world's largest automotive company named Mercedes-Benz. Gargash Enterprises employs with approximately 1000 people.Gargash Enterprises is spread with several dealerships in many locations of United Arab Emirates which includes Sharjah, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Gargash Enterprises's dealership sells all kind of innovative and world class quality Mercedes-Benz passenger cars such as Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, E-Class, GLK class, SLS and SLK class, Viano and much more. Besides this, it also sells various kind of commercial vehicles which includes trucks, buses, vans and more. The dealership has a service department which is engaged in providing automobile repair services with complete solution related to all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The service department has well-trained and professional technicians staff. The service department offers online booking facility to all vehicles services. Moreover, the dealership also provides financial and Insurance services to Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz is a leading firm with globally position which is engaged in production of various world class quality luxury cars, vans, and commercial vehicles etc. Mercedes-Benz is counted among top 10 largest automotive companies across the world. The company was originally emerged in the year 1883 through the efforts of Karl Benz and Paul Daimler. The company manufactured the first petrol-powered car in the year 1886. The company performs all business through the corporate office that is situated in Stuttgart, Germany. The company is an integrated part of the world's largest automotive corporation named Daimler AG. The Corresponding services of Gargash service center are Gargash authorized service center, Gargash insurance services and Gargash center location.

Gargash service center on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, P. O. Box 37244, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: (+971) 4 97143476777
Email id: rizwana.sultan@gargash.ae

Gargash service center in Industrial Area 6, Sharjah
Address: Sharjah Showroom, Industrial Area 6, P. O. Box 6890, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: (+971) 4 97165385222
Email id: faten.zayed@gargash.ae

Gargash service center on Mohammed bin Mattar Road, Fujairah
Address: Fujairah Showroom, Mohammed bin Mattar Road, P. O. Box 1518, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates ?
Phone Number: (+971) 4 97192233999
Email id: reception.fujairah@gargash.ae
Gargash Service Center Phone Number

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