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Service Tire Truck Center York PA

STTC or Service Tire Truck Center offers wide range of the truck tire and mechanical services the center has expertise in offering support to the commercial trucks, roadside assistance, retreading, and much more.
Mobile Tire Services: Customers will get 24/ 7 mobile tire service in case of the accidents or any other type of mishap. In case of the emergency the center can be reached out by 877-748-2825
Commercial Truck Tires Services: The center performs full range of the commercial truck tire support like wheel balancing, tire pressure checkups, wheel reconditioning, and much more.
Roadside Assistance: The center provides 24/ 7 roadside assistance to solve all kinds of tire related issues. The center serves in 50 counties and can be contacted at (877-748-2825) regarding the same.
Retreading: STTC carries out tire retreading services for commercial truck tires to offer them enhanced safety, traction, and durability. The service is offered on all types of the tires.
Mechanical Services: The service consists offering Truck, Tractor and Bus Alignment, etc.
Trailer Maintenance & Repairs: The center provides the complete trailer maintenance assistance in regard with services like inspections, Suspension, Exhaust
Batteries & Electrical Systems, etc .
Car & Light Truck Maintenance: This comprises of offering assistance related to the Alignments, Oil changes, Brakes, State Inspections, and much more.

Near Me Repair Locations

Service Tire Truck Centers - Commercial Truck Tires at York, PA
Service Tire Truck Center York Service Center is 2800, Concord Road York, Pennsylvania-17402, United States
Customer Service Number: +1-717-755-8473
Send Fax to 610-954-5985
Service Tire Truck Centers - Commercial Truck Tires at West York
1110 Roosevelt Ave, York, PA 17404, United States
+1 717-848-6347
Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5PM
Reach To Service Tire Truck Follow the driving Directions map of to locate.
Premier Tires & Auto Repair, LLC
581 W Mason Ave, York, PA 17401, United States
+1 717-472-6236
Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5PM, Saturday 10 AM - 2PM
FYX - Formerly TRAC Interstar
Managed Service, York, PA
(866) 853-2127
After Hours: (866) 853-2127
Toll Free: (866) 853-2127
open 24/7
Highspire Auto & Truck Repair
1130 Zinns Quarry Rd.York, PA - 1.49 mi.
(717) 939-9527
Fax to (717) 939-1820
After Hours: (717) 939-9527
Toll Free: (800) 564-6869
Keystone Trailer Services, Inc
100 West Crone Road, York, PA
(717) 764-7077
Fax can be forwarded to (717) 764-3468
McCarthy Tire Service
10 Flour Mill Road, York, PA - 3.02 mi.
(717) 767-2551
Fax to (717) 767-2753
Nello Tire Auto & Truck Service Center
1210 Haines Road, York, PA - 2.42 mi.
(717) 755-9634
Fax to (717) 757-4032
Henise Tire Service Inc.
340 South Richland Avenue, York, PA - 1.34 mi.
(717) 845-4734
Send Fax to (717) 845-9328
Love's Truck Care
3555 Vine Street, Londonderry Township, PA
(717) 948-1840
Fax to (717) 948-1845
After Hours: (717) 948-1840
Toll Free: (800) 655-6837