Apple Battery Replacement Service Centre Singapore: iPhone, Watch, Macbook, Location

Apple Battery Replacement Services Singapore

Apple offers battery replacement services on all its products through authorized service centers established in different cities across Singapore. The company delivers products that include sophisticated iPhones, laptops, watches and a wide range of accessories. The company provides battery and parts replacements for all products under warranty and other protection plans. The company also renders facilities of tablets and other digital products. Apple offers after-sale services to customers. The company also delivers assistance via the 24*7 support center. You can contact the service center via different means.

How to Contact Apple for Battery Replacement?

Contact Authorized Center: The company service center can be contacted via the Contact Us channel.
Service Hotline: (65) 6481 5511 call at the mentioned helpline to avail needed assistance about the concerning issues.
Live Chat: Customers can avail services by using the Live Chat assistance and seek support from a live representative.
Corporate Address: The corporate office of Apple Singapore is located at Apple South Asia Pte Ltd 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64 Singapore 569086.

Find Authorized Service Centers

Waterloo Street Center
Address: 261 Waterloo Street, #01-28, Waterloo Centre, 180261
Phone Number: +8338 6781

Apple Orchard Road
Address: 270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857
Phone Number: 800 699 2824

Yishun Central
Address: 926 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760926
Contact: +6755 7715

Wheelock Center
Phone: +65 6555 0500
Address: 501 Orchard Road, #05-13/14,
Wheelock Place, 05-13/14, Singapore 238880

Orchard Road Plaza
Phone: +65 6784 1318
Address: 68 Orchard Road #04-12B,
Plaza, Singapore 238839

TRIT Computer
Address: 631 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-922, Singapore 560631
Phone: +68555 5522

Battery Replacement Services

The company offers services to replace a damaged battery at the authorized centers by using various means. Customers can replace batteries of below-mentioned products:
  • Iphone Battery Replacement: The brand allows to replace battery of iPhones at no cost, if the phone is covered under warranty. The replacement offers is also available for free to clients holding "Applecare protection plan" and consumer law certificate. You can start the Battery Replacement process online by using the company's web support.
  • Watches: The AppleCare+ plan holders are eligible to seek battery replacement or screen replacement on Apple watches.
  • Macbook: The company offers one-year warranty on Macbooks that cover replacement coverage for a defective battery. You can replace a damaged battery at any authorized Applce service centre.
  • Replacement Price: You can check the battery replacement price by visiting the Applecare support center.

Service Centre Location: In order to replace your damaged batteries, just visit the authorized centers of the company. You can find a center near you by using the online locator.