Sony Abu Dhabi Service Center: Xperia Mobile, Showroom, LED TV, Support UAE, Vaio Repair, NTC

Contact Sony Abu Dhabi Service Centre

Service Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00am - 06:00pm & Saturday: 09:00am - 05:30pm
Showroom Address: Shop no. SF97, Level 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Customer Service Number: Call at +971 4 339 8503 in order to get support from the center.
Xperia Mobile Support in UAE: Dial the toll-free number 8000 357 03946 for general support and inquiries.
Vaio Repair & Smart LED TV Support in Middle East: Call at the given number for repair and service charges of Vaio computers & Smart LED TV
Near Me Service Centers: To locate nearest Service Centers of Sony products in Abu Dhabi and other areas of UAE, follow the given link page.

Sony Abu Dhabi Authorized Repair Locations

Sony Totoodo Service Center:
Hazaa Bin Zayed The First Street, Defence Road Area - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 446 6009

Jumbo Repair Center:
Road - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 673 2201

Jumbo Electronics Store:
Shop #325-02&326,3rd Floor, Al Wahda Mall, Al Wahda - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 650 6633

Sony Repair Store:
Shop No. SF97, Level 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 339 8503

My Celcare Repair Shop:
Gold Crest Executive Tower, Cluster No. C - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 421 1494

Sony Service Center Abu Dhabi:
37 Ghuwayfah St - Al Nahyan - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 444 1229

Green Valley Computers & Laptop Repair Abu Dhabi:
1012 Zayed The First Street (Electra Street) Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 621 0929

About Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a Japan-based private conglomerate company that was founded on 7 May 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The chairman of the board is Sir Howard Stringer. The company has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Sony Corporation offers a number of products and services such as Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors, Video games, Media/Entertainment, Computer hardware, Telecom equipment, Financial services, insurance services, banking services, credit finance, and advertising agency. The company is well known for its electronic products. Sony Corporation had total revenue of US$ 79.186 billion and net income of US$ -5.569 billion at the end of 2012. Sony is the third largest television manufacturing company in the globe, after Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. More than 162,700 employees are working in this company. The Corresponding services of Sony Abu Dhabi service center are Sony Authorized service center in Abu Dhabi, Sony showroom in Abu Dhabi and Sony Vaio Abu Dhabi.
UAE Toll Free: 800-SONY (7669)
All Other Countries: +971 800 7669

Consumer Quires to Sony Abu Dhabi

Mr. Biju MarathDec 21, 2017
Ps3 player is not working, i need to know that if you can help me on this.
Mr. amit SinghDec 15, 2017
I am using Xperia xa ultra and it's left side pannel have little bit bent. So can you tell me now only left side pannel will changed or some more other thing contact me 0526062420.
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib AzeemSep 15, 2017
Dear Team,

I own a phone SONY Xperia XA Ultra for last one year almost. My kids misused and have got damaged its screen. Is it possible to get it fixed?

My contact number is 056-8676740.
Mr. John VikasMay 17, 2017

This is JohnVikas from Abu Dhabi, using Xperia M5 Dual E5633. The problem I encountering is the mobile is being on/off very often even after fully charged or when charging. The device says, UI has stopped working properly and starts blinking. Everything will be blank. I have to restart or shutdown. Every time I cannot do this. Right

Request you to look into this and email or reply to this message. Regards,
Mr. BobbyMay 01, 2017
Hi Sony

I have a Sony Xperia Ultra Z mobile and having a problem, whenever I pressed the power button to wake up the mobile, sometimes it doesn't come up or ON, or it has some garbled graphics on it, please help me to resolved this, I love Sony mobile. Thank you.
Ms. HaifaApr 09, 2017
Screen broke for Sony Xperia XA from KGT Haifa@eide. Ae 024440030.
Ms. Emirates International Diesel EquipApr 08, 2017
We received Sony Xperia XA from KGT dubai and noticed a small line on the screen which he presumed to be a minor a crack of hair But later we discovered that the screen was actually broken Please note that this device it’s not used at all.
Ms. Emirates International Diesel EquipApr 08, 2017
A screen has broken Sony Xperia XA from KGT.
Ms. Emirates International Diesel EquipApr 08, 2017
Screen broken for Sony Xperia XA received from KGT Dubai.
Mr. Rex Caezar AgnoMar 12, 2017
How much is the screen for Sony Ericsson Ultra Z?
Mr. Arjun SinghJul 18, 2014
Sony Xperia sp set i put this mobile in charging after that i can not on this mobile so that what i need to do i have warranty paper.
Mr. Usama Elsayed Mohamed AlkabirJun 08, 2014
My mobile is Sony eXperia z ultra and its screen proken cay you advice how to replace in abu dhbai area and how much it will cost me contact number 0553627476 and my
E-mail is