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Verizon District Of Columbia Customer Service (Internet Outage) Center

Services: The service center provides wide range of services in regard with the internet, Wifi, mobile devices, home phones, accessories, and much more.
Customer Service Number: (1-800-837-4966)
Mobile devices and plans: Contact at 1.800.922.0204
Account, billing or payments: Call at 1.800.922.0204
Verizon business internet: For assistance contact at 844-294-0341
Shop wireless service and device upgrades: Concerned services
can be availed at 1.800.225.5499
Mon-Sat: 8AM-10PM ET, Sun: 9AM-10PM ET
Business solutions, tech products and services: Give a call at 888.378.3113
Mobile Customer Service - Prepaid: Prepaid related assistance can be concerned at 1.888.294.6804
National Accessibility: Get in touch at 1.888.262.1999
Sales - Business: 1.800.465.4054