Iball Ups Lucknow Service Center, Repair Parts & Cost, Warranty & Near Me Locations

Text Message: Mail your service related queries to Iball Ups Lucknow service center at rma.nazamarket@iball.co.in.
Service Center Location: The Location of Iball Ups Lucknow Service Center is Shop No. 9, 2nd Floor, Hitech Plaza, Naza Market, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Iball Ups Lucknow

During the year 2001, Iball Company was established as a manufacturer of Computer mouse and keyboards. After that, iBall expanded its operation with the production of webcams, Ups batteries, SMPS, monitors, CPU cabinets, barcode scanners, as well as mobile phones and tablets. In all major and small parts of the India, its products and solution services are offered by one principal office, approximately 25 major offices and 125 service offices. Its one service office is operated in Naza Market, Lucknow. The Corresponding services of Iball Ups Lucknow service center are Iball Ups authorized service center, Iball Ups Customer care in Lucknow and Iball Ups dealer in Lucknow.