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ASUSTeK Computer Inc was founded on 2 April 1990 by T H Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M T Liao. ASUS began life as a modest mother board producer with just a few workers, it is now the top technological innovation organization in Taiwan with over 12,500 workers globally. Asus's products include video cards, mobile phones, motherboards, tablet PCs, monitors, laptops, servers, desktops, smartphones, peripherals, networking equipment, graphics cards, optical storage, multimedia products etc. Tekzone is one of the service center of Asus which is situated on above written address. The timings of service center are: Monday to Saturday 09:00 am to 06:00 pm, Closed on Sunday. The Corresponding services of Asus Philippines service center are Asus service center Philippines Gilmore, Asus service center phone number, Asus tablet service center, Asus service center Tangerang, Asus service center address and authorized Asus service center. You can contact Asus Philippines service center via email, website, contact number (customer service phone number) and postal cum official address. Asus Philippines service center is currently situated at 7185, Export Ave. cor, Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The customer Care and Customer Service phone number of Asus Philippines service center is +63 2 812–8976. You can go to website www.asus.com for getting detailed information about Asus Philippines service center
Asus Philippines Service Center

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User Reports and Reviews to Asus Philippines Service Center
Male ImageMr. Marieta Reports
My asus tablet can not charge. My email address myethsq@yahoo.com . please send the adress in Quezon city service center. thanks
Male ImageMr. rowena Reports
My newly bought nexus7 (2 weeks ago) dropped the floor this morning and the screen cracked. Though I can still browse but hard to locate some letters and to view with a dark screen below. What should i do to restore it? Please advice.
Male ImageMr. Jem Reports
HI, 14" notebook won't open anymore. When you click the ON button it lights but the monitor wont open.. What do you think is the problem. Please advise. you may email me at jnd_18@yahoo.com Jem
Male ImageMr. arthur Reports
Do you repair asus motherboard, a have an asus rampage mobo, suddenly the bios doesnt want to post. Sometimes the bios hangs up before when I am trying to modify the values. I suspect that bios system has been corrupted.please assist me on this problem. Tnx
Male ImageMr. john matias Reports
sorry my email address is 2kmuy1999@gmail.com please send your reply here regading micro SD card problem tnx.
Female ImageMs. gloryfy Reports
i bought my asus nexus seven wifi 32g android 4.2.1 and since i updated it to 4.2.2 then the problem started, automatic shutdown, and i made factory reset but still the same....and now... doesn't connect to wofi...and now...i cannot open it anymore...i tried the power botton and volume down and now....i do not know what to do...i researched it says THIS THE PROBLEM OF UPDATING OF NEXUS7 TO 4.2.2. PLEASE HELP ME ASUS. my email is glory_blue7@yahoo.com thanks a lot.
Male ImageMr. Mark Leocel Basa Reports
hi, my netbook 1215B charging pin is broken, how much does it cost if the service center repair it? My email address is markleocelaurebasa@yahoo.com. please send me an answer. Thank You
Male ImageMr. Erwin Reports
I dropped my transformer prime on the floor. Everything's working fine except for the speakers. My email add is patchoi07@yahoo.com.. . Can this still be restored? Please advice.
Male ImageMr. Ruel Reports
my note book, k43sv won't booth anymore, the power button just lights up thats all, it won't continue, no display on the monitor. i need your help. my email is clidemartin@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. John Meaders Reports
My Transformer 101 won't boot up. It is constantly rebooting trying to start. please let me know where to take it to have it repaired. Jmeaders52@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Christina Reports
My asus republic of gamers laptop suddenly has a green screen. Everytime i move my screen the display turns green, although i can still see the color of the actual screen Sometimes it flickers. There positions in which the screen becomes stable and then their are positions where the green screen suddenly appears. please email me at christina.santos16@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. eliza joy Reports
i brought my ASUS Notebook X502 Series last month and having a problem about the LCD screen. what shall i do to this problem? email me about my problem please. here's my email consolacion.eliza@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. vanessa Reports
hai my asus netbook's monitor is disaligned...when i had it repaired the hinged wasn't put back,,its starting to be a problem because it made some scratches on the mothe board and according to the technician a small as in very small something was lost in the motherboard?is there any chance it can be repaired?
Female ImageMs. Sherly Reports
I bought a notebook PC asus vivobook x202e intel celeron two months ago. The battery status says, "No battery detected". I can not open it unless it is plugged in to air condition charger. What to do? My email is fr.sherly23@gmail.com Thanks
Female ImageMs. ria Reports
my asus notebook‘s keyboard cannot be used, need to replace, how much will it cost, and where am i going to bring it, I am from paranaque, my e mail add is ria_delvalle @yahoo.aom, thanks
Female ImageMs. Renniel Kuan Reports
Good day. I have an Asus Transformer TF300T with docking keyboard. The keybord suddenly had faulty keys and several of them cannot be used anymore, but the touch pad and other functions and keys are working fine. Where can I take it for repairs? Do you even accept repairs for keyboards only? It is not covered by warranty anymore so how much do you think would it cost? My email address is rennielleslie_kuan@yahoo.com waiting for your reply.
Male ImageMr. alfred Reports
when i play music on my asus laptop i can hear CRACKLING sounds.. whats happening? please help me.. :(
Female ImageMs. JUVY JALALON Reports
My email address is piscesvy64@hotmail.com. Need to know how much would a battery of asus laptop 11.6".
Male ImageMr. Archie Reports
Power light is on but no display (blackscreen), I can hear the dvd start as usual and the hard disk light turn's on for about three seconds upon pressing the power but the screen is black, no response at all. Before this I was using it then suddenly the screen turns into different bits of color then went black. I had no other way to restart it but to unplug the power cord so I unplugged it then restarted it and it turned on normally so I made a scheduled disk scan upon restart and turned it off. But when I was going to use it again sometime later, that's when it failed to start until now.
Female ImageMs. Tonette Reports
Good evening. Upon opening the computer, the asus logo appears followed by a black screen with the following info ”disk read error occurred, please press control+alt+ alt +delete to restart. I followed the instruction but the same thing happened again. What may be the problem? Please advise. Please send your reply to this email ad mary2aquino@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Female ImageMs. Help Me Reports
My Nexus seven Wifi 16 gb not charging and won't turn on. I just bought this three months ago and it's not working. Help! email : onegreatlove99@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Raymund Abellana Reports
i got a problem when installing a 4gb RAM to my computer. i have a P7H55 motherboard w/c was bought in 2010 and have not made any upgrade since then. i've taken out the 2gb RAM from the slot and put in the 4gb. the problem is that the bios can read the 4gb RAM but when it gets to opening windows, it goes to blue screen. what do i need to do? is the RAM stick broken? or do i need to upgrade the bios? since it hasnt been updated yet. help - rymnd_bad@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. stephen Reports
My asus laptop when I turned it on it just appeared blue screen only..whats wrong with my laptop and how I am going to repair this..pls reply to my email tan_stephen143@yahoo.com
Female ImageMs. raquel villanueva Reports
something wrong with the keyboard...you need to press it hard. there's noise in the battery pack. there are times all the letters changes into different languages like chinese characters or letters.
Female ImageMs. charm Reports
the keypad is not working. and when i click some letters, its different and became numbers or symbols. please help
Male ImageMr. reyju Reports
Hi, I have a busted motherboard for my asus K42N laptop. where can I buy a replacement for my motherboard? PLease provide me also contact number.ofthe said service center/repairshop also. Thank a Lot
Male ImageMr. rejyn Reports
sorry. my email address is rjgboko@gmail.com thnks again
Female ImageMs. zen chua Reports
hi... my asus tab won't turn on and won't charge. I tried charging it to the computer but it won't work.what is the problem? please email me for the reply.lznchua@gmail.com. thanks.
Male ImageMr. Kenny Reports
I bought Asus X550LB and I have been using it for almost two months. The Problem is my laptop internal speaker (Sonic Master) is not working properly specifically the right side. Is there any problem about my Drivers or the speaker itself. Please give me your expert advises at espanolakennyalter@gmail.com.
Female ImageMs. Charmine Taher Reports
Sir/Madam, Greetings I would like to inquire if do you have available battery for this model ASUS tablet C11-ME172V, problem battery was not charging.Please confirm and reply for your pleasure time here's my e-mail add:chamtaher24@gmail.com Thank you, Charmine Taher.
Female ImageMs. Ella Reports
My asus Fonepad accidentally dropped on the floor and the screen is damaged. I just wanna asked if the screen could still be replaced? thanks my email is simplyella01@yahoo.com.
Female ImageMs. Marita Mapalad Reports
How much is the replacement battery for nexus seven wifi 32gb tablet? and how much would be the service charge if i bring it to you? Please email your reply to wrajja3@yahoo. Com Thanks.
Female ImageMs. Mary Ann Placio Reports
My asus laptop just dropped this afternoon the screen cracked and deformed on one of the side. The home screen is keep on moving, is there any way that it can be fixed? please help.
Male ImageMr. Ken Fabila Reports
I have dropped my asus tablet in the floor and the screen cracked, is there a way to replace it.
Male ImageMr. Ray Ann Q. San Juan Reports
Even, it cannot connect to wifi and bluetooth lost, the battery saver, the camera and other important apps. Please help me, i using that tablet in educational purposes.
Male ImageMr. Noel Rex Reports
I own an asus nexus 2nd gen 32 gb tablet. And for some reason the screen had a crack. Am still able to use it except that some parts of the screen no longer respond to touch. How long will the repair take and for how much? Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Bienvenido Cabrera Reports
My nexus seven is not charging how much for repair my email ID is cyclone549@yahoo.com.
Male ImageMr. Dward Jorge Reports
When i press the power button, it get stuck on the Google logo screen and won't move past it. I have tried going into the bootloader screen, but when i press recovery mode, it just boots back up to the Google logo screen. Please help me. Rhellyroa@gmail.com.
Male ImageMr. Jose Chito De Leon Reports
I had a problem with my asus k42f series, the power socket was damaged and it does generate power to my laptop. I tried looking for a power board online being sold in the philippines but was not succesfull. If you have alist of stores i can get the asus k42f power board i would appreciate it much. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Maria Rosario Kirkwod Reports
I have a problem with the keypad The letters T-Y-O i have to press these letters for a long time for me to be able to use it. Please advice what i should do. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Gilbert Legaspi Reports
My nexus seven has a charging problem and the sounds of the ear phone becomes mono. How and where can i get it fix here in the philippines. My email add is mind_twist2000@yahoo.com.
Male ImageMr. Renz Tenorio Jr. Reports
I have a problem in my net-book because it is not charging even i bought a new charger. I haven't encountered any problem regarding my laptop just only this maybe the charging port has a problem. I plan to bring it to service center in asus philippines when i go back to my country next week.
Male ImageMr. Ken Reports
Hi, my netbook asus eepc 1005ha model is not opening anymore. When you click the power button the status indicator is just only blinking and no image on the LCD. Can you please tell me whats wrong and where and how to fix it. Thanks.
Male ImageMr. Tim Delez Reports
I have a nexus seven first gen tablet. It failed to reboot for two days now. Where can i bring it and repaired? Thanks.
Female ImageMs. Ma. Cristina B. Santiago Reports
My problem in my nexus asus tablet. it is not charged. What will i do and where i should go for service in plaridel, bulacan or nearest area. Thank your very much and god bless.
Male ImageMr. Ryan Hingco Reports
Any service provider for my nexus seven tablet here in the philippines, need battery replacement i think.
Male ImageMr. Gilbert Reports
Good day, Is there any available laptop mainboard asus a42je with ati radeon 5470 512mb ddr3. Please email me the price. Thanks.
Male ImageMr. Alonn Atienza Reports
How can i fix the problem of my motherboard? the problem is the USB port on board are always not detected and the other port was not totally or no connection or not detected already! please help with my problem.
Male ImageMr. John Neri Condes Reports
Hi, My Nexus seven (2013) is not getting charge anymore. How long will it take for this issue to be fixed? All of my handy files was in this tablet. Please help me, Thanks. God bless you.

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