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HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese leading telecommunications company that was started in the year 1997. The company is working as a part of VIA Group. Headquarter of the company is located in Taouan City, Taiwan. More than 16,846 employees are working in this company. HTC Corporation specializes in manufacturing of Smartphones and Tablets. HTC Corporation's latest Smartphone models are HTC One, HTC Butterfly and HTC One X +. HTC Corporation is also a member of the Open Handset Alliance. Cher Wang is the chairwoman and Peter Chou is the Chief executive officer and President of the company. The company has service centers are present all over the world which are provides best service to the HTC's customers. It has a research and development office in Durham, North Carolina. Beats Electronics, S3 Graphics, Dashwire, Zoodles Saffron Digital are subsidiary units of the HTC Corporation. You can contact Htc Philippines service center via email, website, contact number (customer service phone number) and postal cum official address. Htc Philippines service center is currently situated at 31 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. The customer Care and Customer Service phone number of Htc Philippines service center is +63-2-7283388, Fax: +63-2-7283333. You can go to website www.htc.com for getting detailed information about Htc Philippines service center
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User Reports and Reviews to Htc Philippines Service Center
Male ImageMr. max francis llego Reports
my HTC one x having problem in wifi.my wifi is not easy to connect to wifi zone how much should i pay for this deffect of smartphone?thank u
Male ImageMr. Jonathan Reports
Good day! I experiencing continuous popping up authorize facebook for HTC sense since yesterday, August 20, 2013 and i couldnt stop it. And another thing when i upload my photo in facebook for HTC sense it suddenly appear to my friend profile, she even try to change her password so that i cannot access her FB account tthe problem is when I am about to upload my photos in FB for HTC sense it begun to failed due to sudden change of password,. i tries to fix it several times, and nothing happens i read blogs to help me but nothing happen again, so please help me to solve this problem. thank you.
Male ImageMr. Jo Mar Reports
I was browsing in my unit then suddenly my HTC sensation xl battery drained. and it never turn on again. I tried changing the battery but it doesn't turn on. I use my battery to other HTC unit and it worked. So i think, the unit is the one defective. and it was not even recognize when I connect it to USB port.
Female ImageMs. dories Reports
my niece HTC windows 8s glass screen is broken,,,can you fix it,,how much would be the fee for that repair...7 if you wont mind may i know the brand new prize of that unit. thank you very much
Female ImageMs. Karen Cinco Reports
Hello. My phone is HTC one. And it has a lot of problems. First, wifi and bluetooth doesn't work, "turning on wi-fi or bluetooth. " appears, but nothing happens. Second, once the phone is drained it cannot be turn back on again. Third, if i take a picture i cannot view the picture at the gallery anymore, but when i checked through PC it can be seen. What to do? i need your help. I just used the phone for two months.
Female ImageMs. Marianne Gabay Reports
My HTC evo backlight is not work but when i look my phone in strong light i see that its working but no backlight i do not know what happen i never fall it since i got this phone please help me.
Female ImageMs. Teresita B. Castro Reports
I had lost my stylus pen for my HTC one,where can i purchase this item and how much would it cost, please. Thanks.
Male ImageMr. Martin M. De Los Santos Reports
My cousin from california USA gave me a HTC evo sprint 4g mobile phone. My problem is that i cannot use its SMS text messaging and phone call features here in the philippines because there are no available slot for my existing globe SIM card. So please help me solve this problem.
Female ImageMs. Hazel Leigh Emperado Reports
I have a problem with my HTC mobile phone. It got wet. I can still open, others are functioning, others are not. Like in texting not all letters function. Where csn i bring my unit to let you see it.
Male ImageMr. Faisal Bandong Reports
I do not have problem on my HTC one but i have some question to stop worrying about my phone. My HTC one m7 is already 11 months old, and i am always thinking it is possible that my HTC one can have purple tint issue on camera? thank you.
Female ImageMs. Sheryl Kionisala Reports
Hi i had a problem with my HTC one v generally the software became slow even the signal of my phone is affected, where can i bring my phone my email ID is Kionisala@gmail.com.
Female ImageMs. Jane Abuyan Reports
Locked HTC one after the battery was emptied. What should i do to restore my phone.
Male ImageMr. Isagani M. Durano Jr. Reports
I have HTC version and suddenly its not working even how much time i push the start key. The battery is fully loaded.
Answer to Mr. Isagani M. Durano Jr.
Female ImageMs. Rosa Neumann Says

I actually have the same problem. I just hope HTC give us answer. I already posted the problem i just hope they pay attention to it.
Male ImageMr. George Gadon Reports
I accidentally drop my HTC 4g lite in my bed and the screen was damaged it cant use its touch screen sensor where was the nearest HTC service center in the Philippines. Thanks.
Female ImageMs. Mary Ann Peralta Reports
Hi, this is mary ann peralta. My cellphone unit is desire 600 i send that to the outlet of 4th floor. Cyberzone building b sm megamall julia vargas wack-wack mandaluyong city. The staff name richard, told me that they will send my cellphone to the service repair i ask how long he told me 1-2 weeks. But i do not have feedback yet. The problem also, the contact number Existing in my claiming stub is ringing only and then automatic fax tone. I need a immediate process for my cellphone because am using it for my work. Please.
Male ImageMr. Roy Anthony Reports
Hi, i have HTC one and my phone camera do annoys me a lot due to its pinkish tint. Please help or send me ways to solve it. Did try changing the iso from auto to 200. Though it does enhance the camera, still it has that pinkish effect. Please do help me. Also, do you authorize the one in robinson lipa city service center? i am from batangas and would appreciate if its an authorized one. Thanks.
Male ImageMr. Moses Bascones Reports
My HTC hd2 touch screesn is not working. First, i got a fix replcement of my touch screen and after few months, its not working. I have that phone for almost three years. Please send me a reply because i need it to be repaired somehow.
Male ImageMr. Lee Jun Susas Reports
My HTC 8x was broken, how much will it cost to repair the broken screen? I am from Davao city.
Female ImageMs. Rosa Neumann Reports
Greetings! My phone is HTC HD7. Just shut down, the screen turned white with HTC letters in the middle of the screen. What could be the problem? please help.
Female ImageMs. Rosa Neumann Reports
Greetings! My HTC phone model hd7 just stop working. The screen turned white with the HTC letters on the middle of the screen. What could be the problem? please help.
Female ImageMs. Sherlyn Alcarez Reports
I hope HTC provides excellent after sales assistance just like Apple. I brought my phone to the service center in Makati last 13 th of August 2014. I was told that it might take 2-3 months to repair. Lat month I had called in to check for the status. But then I got the runaround that there is no definite time then that they could give me as to when I can get back my phone. The lady seemed very impolite on answering my questions, 'I do not know", that is all I got from her on all the questions that I asked. Now is the third month and I haven't heard from HTC yet, I had tried calling the same number, it was ringing however no one seemed to have answered all the successful attempts that I made, not even once on up until my 30th successful phone call. I even sent a text message TWICE and yet no one answered. What type of customer service was that?I hope HTC renders assistance faster and I hope they won't just let their customers hanging like they just sent a piece of garbage to their centers.
Male ImageMr. Ramises Reports
Please Help me to resolve my HTC one after I tried many times to unlock boatloader and S-off that the error i see was "cannot load Unlock_code. Bin". Please instruct me on how to do this in my just own effort.

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