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40, Tat Ann Building, Jalan Pemimpin, 03-05A, Singapore 577185.

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+65 6356 6657.

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TMT Total Solution Private limited is authorized service center of Tefal industry that is situated on below written address. Tefal is a producer of cookware and small appliance. Teraf was established in 1956 which makes various small appliances such as Coffee Makers, Hot Water on Demand, Bread makers, Food Processors, Multi Cookers, Kitchen Tools, Pressure Cookers, Food Preparation, Blenders, Steam Generators, Bathroom Scales. The company was founded by Marc Grégoire. The headquarters of tefal is situated in Rumilly, Haute-Savoie, France. It is a subsidiary of the Groupe SEB. The Corresponding services of Tefal Singapore service center are Tefal Singapore authorized service center, Tefal Singapore warranty, Tefal Iron Singapore, Tefal Frying Pan Singapore and Tefal Blender Singapore.
Fax: +65 6259 3565

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Address female image
Ms. audrey limJul 24, 2015
I just purchased a stainless steel frying pan. Used twice and noticed that it burns very easily at insides of pan. Used various methods to clean. From vinegar to baking soda. But still cannot clean.
Address female image
Ms. Yeo MinMay 10, 2015
Hi i've just purchased a Tefal Actifry 2in1 and would like to register for online warranty. Please advise.
Address female image
Ms. Theresa TanFeb 21, 2015
I have just bought a Tefal Iron Steam FV-5375 and wants to keep how to register online for the warranty of the steam iron. Please reply.
Address female image
Ms. Shirley TanJan 18, 2015
Just bought a rice cooker RK7021 and wondering how to do a online warranty registration. Please assist.
Address female image
Ms. JessieJan 17, 2015
MOULINETTE XXL BLENDER TRIPL’AX. Was blending chili. Suddenly it stopped, what happen? Please let me know what is the repair cost?
Service center male image
Mr. Don ChanJan 12, 2015
I tried to email to the above address, but was unsuccessful. Please advise. Thank you.
Service center male image
Mr. DerekJan 12, 2015
Clothes iron - cable problem as it is twisted too much causing it to "short-circuit" whenever powered on. Not able to unscrew the back panel to change the cable. It is a visible cable twisted. FV4483Y0/90-1912R
Made in CHINA
CMMF 2820448310. Its just about 1 year - and it failed. Wonder why it costs so much $38 to service.
Address female image
Ms. Angela LeeJan 06, 2015
I want to buy the glass lid for my Pan measuring 29. 5cm (diameter), but I can not find it anywhere. Can you advise me on where I can get it?
Address female image
Ms. Angela ThamJan 03, 2015
HI There; i have been using the the tefal oven, the heating element does not seem to be at the temp we require. Can i know if require to repair how much cost will it be.
Service center male image
Mr. RaviJan 02, 2015
Hi just bought a Tefal BL3001 from courts Singapore about six months ago. Stop working a few days ago. I have lost my receipt so i cant go back to courts to replace. Can be repaired? Please advice.
Address female image
Ms. Julie KohJan 02, 2015
Tefal EXCELIO COMFORT unable to power. Led light did not light up when power was plugged on.
Service center male image
Mr. Foong Chee LeongDec 16, 2014
I have a Tefal coffee city coffee maker (10-15 cups). I broke the coffee jug. I wish to know if I could purchase one as replacement.
Address female image
Ms. Leong Chiau InnNov 17, 2014
I bought Tefal Vitesse stailess steel kettle model : B176* from John Little, made in China. After using for a few weeks, there water is leakage at the side of the measuring scale. The guarantee card is still with me. Can I know where should I get the kettle repaired? My e-mail is : Sg. Thank you.
Address female image
Ms. PriyankaNov 11, 2014
I bought an Acqua Speed Tefal iron from Mega Discount Store in Kallang Leisure Park. My phone number is 81837829. I want to check if this is still under warranty. I need someone to help me.
Address female image
Ms. Doris LimNov 10, 2014
I bought a Tefal steam iron on 24/10/2014, model- Ultimate 400 which I am disappointed with the performance. I was using the previous same model although the steam is lower than 200gm, but it releases more steam during ironing and is really good. I only need to top up two to three times of water depending on the load. But this new model does not produce more steam plus the water dries up very fast and topping up frequently is necessary, like every two pieces of garments. I am very unhappy with it every time I uses it. Tried calling your service and support team is either engaged or no answer. I would like to have it changed to a better model that can cater to my needs. I am writing to you because I loved Tefal products and do not want to have a different opinion about it. Please reply to this enquiry soonest. Thank you for your kind consideration.
Address female image
Ms. Chia Kiat CherNov 07, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought a rice cooker less than a year and now cannot power on. What is the problem? I look for your soonest reply. Thanks.
Service center male image
Mr. Percy GnaniahNov 02, 2014
Dear Sir,
I own a TEFAL SENSOR PRESSURE COOKER 33215. I need a gasket, centre pipe and safety valve. If you have parts in stock, please let me know the price. I also need the rubber seal of the water tank for a TEFAL ULTIMATE STEAM IRON. Please let me know the price. Regards,
Address female image
Ms. WandelinOct 30, 2014
Dear Tefal Customer Service,
I have purchased Tefal cooker model rk1046 from Ang MO Kio Courts few months back.I have some problems with the cooker from few days. The Rice always are burnt on the bottom. It happen when my mummy placed to fry rice on the pot to warm the rice. It am not able to locate the courts receipt nor the warranty. Kindly advise me, how can i follow up on the repair issue.
Thank you.
Service center male image
carrieOct 28, 2014
Hi, I broke my cover of the XXL Moulinette chopper and was wondering if you sell the plastic cover only? How much would it cost?
Address female image
Ms. Veronica NgOct 27, 2014
H, the cover of my Tefal steamer (model steam cuisine 900cl turbo diffusion) is broken. Is it possible to buy just the cover? if so, please advise cost and location.

Thank you.
Address female image
Ms. Eileen ChuOct 24, 2014
I have a oven model number is 572324. And my temperature switch is drop out. Can i buy the replacement switch? Please advice. Thanks you.
Address female image
Ms. Sujata JayOct 20, 2014
To date i have not used the fryer even once as it posed a huge electrical problem. Upon getting it, and when i used it for the first time it caused a power trip in my house. I send it for servicing and only used it yesterday to test it out for use on Wednesday. Again it caused a power trip. It most definitely not a reliable product. I want a total refund of my money or a replacement of a new model as this one is not to be trusted again. I am bring it in to you today.
Address female image
Ms. SukanyaOct 02, 2014
I have got juice maker: Tefal Fruitelia. Refer: ze350g66/bqo. 3013 are made in china. I brought it one years ago. Its not working now and need replacement. Could you please let me know from where i can get it replaced and how much it is going to cost.
Address female image
Ms. Pricssillia SimSep 27, 2014
Hi, i bought a rice cooker less than a year and now cannot power on, how can i trace the rice cooker still under warranty? i look for your soonest reply. Thanks.
Service center male image
Mr. Steven ChuaSep 25, 2014
Hi tefal,
I need to replace the timer knob for my tefal steamer.
Please advice if i can buy one.
Address female image
Ms. Tina BehSep 23, 2014
Hi my metal whisks of my cake mixer prepline ht41313e is broken. Do you have the metal whisks that i can purchase. Please reply to my email. Thank you.
Address female image
Ms. Bettina BorjesSep 11, 2014
Hi, i own a calor iron system which i bought in europe. Researching this on the internet, i found out calor and tefal are together.
The button on the iron which triggers the steam is broken. Is this a repair you could handle.
Thank you.
Address female image
Ms. Christine A. SequeraSep 07, 2014
Hi my name is christine,
5 months ago i bought a Tefal Frutelia juice extractor (400w)
Ze350. I found it satisfactory, but after using it for five month,
My filter, pulp container, lid and anti-drip tube are all looking filthy
Because of the stain sustain from the juice itself. I am always
Washing it right after i use it. But over the time it
Became like that. In this case, can i buy or purchase only the
Lid, pulp container,filter and anti-drip tube? because the
Motor is still working perfectly i only want to replace the
Lid, filter, pulp container and anti-drip tube.
Thanks and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Address female image
Ms. PamelaSep 07, 2014
Hi, my blender bowl which came with the tefal mini deluxe blender bl125 broke. I would like to know where i can get a replacement blender bowl. Thank you.
Service center male image
Mr. Nick CheeSep 06, 2014

Please tell me how to register my warranty for a tefal iron i bought from ntuc singapore.

Do i keep the receipt?

At www. Tefal. Com, i cannot find a place to register the iron.

Address female image
Ms. Lee Wee NeeAug 28, 2014
I have two tefal products, a frying pan and a pot. Once, when i was boiling soup, the water dried out and the ingredients got burnt - giving off a terrible smell. Also, the handles of the frying pan got too close to the flame and they started giving off a terrible smell too, like when plastic is burnt.
I would like to check if both products are still safe for use or it is better to replace them? thank you very much.
Service center male image
Mr. Dinesen AshwinAug 27, 2014
Wet jar of my tefal maxiblend is broken and needs replacement. Kindly let me know where i can get it. I am living in toa payoh.
Service center male image
Mr. Tan Hung KhingAug 26, 2014

I need to purchase a knob for the timer setting on the tefal steam cuisine set. Do the service sell this?
Address female image
Ms. Ng Siew HweiAug 24, 2014
I bought a tefal blebdforce blender from courts on 27/4/2014. The blender attachment is worn out and thus it cannot work anymore. It is quite unbelievable that this blender lasted only four months. It is used purely for blending fresh chilli.

I have the official receipt but not the warranty form. What should i do? my mom is quite disappointed with the product. We used panasonic blender for five years without any problem. Blending for tefal is not as good versus panasonic.

Please advise. Thanks.
Address female image
Ms. Karen HuiAug 23, 2014

I bought a tefal rice cooker last year September and unfortunately the rice cooker was spoilt this morning. I could not find the warranty card but i have the receipt with me. May i know the warranty period for tefal rice cooker model rk7021?

Appreciate your return call to my mobile at 97890284. Thanks.
Address female image
Ms. Josephine Leow Ting TingAug 23, 2014
Hi, the tefal kettle that i have been using is leaking. Can you kindly let me know the email address that i can send to so that i can get advice on what to do.
Service center male image
Mr. Suresh InbasekarAug 08, 2014
Dear sir, please advise me, how to register my new tefal blender warranty registration on website.

Suresh. Am.
Address female image
Ms. Koa Yuet LeeAug 05, 2014
My tefal bbq set- amigo, i have bough it many years ago, but i have not use it at all. I try to use it recently, it is not working, may i know how to solve this problem.
Service center male image
Mr. Jimmy BohAug 04, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought a tefal easygliss 30 iron, ref fs4030m0 fm0 3012r about few months ago. And now it cannot work. It meant when i plug in to the socket and on it, it will not heat up and there is no heating light too.
How can i get it serviced and be good to iron again.
Jimmy boh.
Jimmy. Boh
Service center male image
Mr. SharieJul 27, 2014
Hi, I just bought the tefal maxiblend few days ago from a local mart. Just started using it today, got a strange smell coming from the motor. When i checked again, base around the motor seems to have a crack. Can i get a replacement for it since i am using it for the very first time.
Service center male image
Mr. Rommel LabastidaJul 23, 2014
I just bought a juicer from harvey norman in center point on sunday. We have used it twice until last night but today its not working anymore.
Should i bring it to the service center to have it fixed? anything i should bring.
Service center male image
Mr. Khok Yee SinJul 22, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
My iron with the model of fv 4650 has suddenly generating burning smell.
What could be the problem?
Please advise.
Thanks and regards

Kelvin khok

Mobile: 91159179.
Address female image
Ms. NabJul 20, 2014
Just bought rice cooker for 16 days. And it causes electrical trip. Whats the problem? can get someone over to check?
Address female image
Ms. Kelly ThamJul 16, 2014
I have a rowenta iron model 9135. I bought it two years ago. Recently, the whole house trips whenever i turned on the iron. In this case, can the iron be repaired and what is the estimated cost of repair.
Address female image
Ms. Grace NgJul 07, 2014
I am using the tefal mixer 500w. It was plugged in and the blending function not turned on. two minutes later, there was a sudden explosion with a burst of flame. The machine/motor coninues to burn with smoke for a few minutes. Lucky i was at one meter away and not fire hazards nearby. Please email me at graceng2012@hotmail. Com to explain.
Service center male image
Mr. Raymond HonJul 06, 2014
If we require repairs for our tefal iron, may i know if there is anyway to check if it is still under warranty.
Service center male image
Mr. Mohammad Arif Bin SelamatJun 21, 2014
Hi. I bought a tefal aquaspeed 5330 about one and a half month ago from Singapore expo organize by megatax harvey norman. I use it only twice and now it has no power. Unfortunately i have miss place the original receipt. Can you let me know how to get this repair or exchange. I still have the box and everything is a new condition.
Service center male image
Mr. Wan Soon HeeJun 11, 2014
Tefal rice cooker rk704e,become error after cook turn to warm keeping.
Service center male image
Mr. Rio ReynaldoJun 10, 2014
My iron fv9540 does not heat. Light indicator is on, meaning the supply/power cord is okay

Please advise.
Address female image
Ms. Nancy AngJun 10, 2014
Re tefal blender model bl3071ad
While using, there was a burning smell.

Please advise whether it can be repaired and estimated repair costs.