Hach Ames Iowa Service Center: Laboratory Equipments Support

Laboratory Equipments Support

Customer Service Number: Contact at +1 800-227-4224
Technical Support: (866) 450-4248 , Municipal Customers Call (800) 227-4224 or Email Techhelp@hach.com
WIMS Technical Support: (800) 677-0067 or (970) 635-5622
Orders - Orders@hach.com
Service Center Location: The Location of Hach Ames Iowa Service Center Is 100, Dayton Ave, Ames, Iowa 50010, United States
Driving Direction: Follow the driving directions map of to locate.
Text/ Email: You can contact Hach Ames Iowa to send a service related text message.

Analytical Instruments And Reagents

Hach Company is a manufacturing company of analytical instruments and reagents which was founded by Clifford and Kathryn Hach in 1947. Hach has manufactured its products to check the quality of water and other liquid solutions. Hach has manufactured 100 types portable water kits for water testing laboratories. The company basically belongs to the United States region and besides this, it is also in other worldwide regions. Hach has opened its main or global office in Loveland, Colorado, USA.