Centro Maravilla Los Angeles California Service Center

  • Consultation regarding Senior, Older, or Adult-related assistance can be obtained by reaching out to the Social Support Center Help Desk at 800510-2020.
  • Adult/Senior Abuse

  • Complaints against individuals involved in adult or senior abuse can be reported by contacting 1-877-477-3646. It is imperative to note that the Contact Us Form should not be utilized for filing abuse complaints.
  • Dietary Administrative

  • The program provides on-site nutritional support to Home Bound Seniors who are unable to move outside. For additional support, connect with the department at (800) 510-2020.
  • Critical Delivery Support

  • The program delivers groceries, essential goods, and food to adults or elders facing permanent disability or aged over 60. To avail this service, dial (888) 863-7411.
  • Emergency Food Services

  • District-wise emergency food services are provided to adults, older individuals, or families at senior community or senior service centers. To schedule an appointment, contact the concerned center at (323) 260-2801 from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • General Support Service

  • Support for individuals in the 60 plus age group encompasses a wide range of services, including Case Management, Homemaker, Personal Care, In-Home Respite Care, Alzheimer’s Day Care, and Registry Services. Request more information by dialing 800510-2020.
  • Health Insurance Support

  • Assistance with insurance for individuals enrolled in Medicare or Other Health Insurance Services can be obtained by contacting the service center at 213) 383-4519 or (800) 824-0780. The center can also be visited at Center For Health Care Rights 520 South Lafayette Park Place, Suite 214 Los Angeles, CA 90057.
  • Traditional Legal Assistance

  • The program, designed for individuals above 60 Age Groups facing economic or social needs, can be contacted at (323) 939-0506 for information. The department is physically located at 3250 Wilshire Blvd., 13th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010.
  • Family Caregiver Services

  • Under this program, seniors are provided with caregivers free of cost to assist them with In-Home Supervision, Homemaker, Personal Care, Home Chore, and more. Contact (800) 510-2020 to obtain required information.
  • Long Term Care Support

  • Long-term care support is provided to seniors in need of Long Term Care, including nursing, out-of-home care facilities, mediators, etc. For more information, dial (800) 510-2020 or (800) 334-WISE or 9473.
  • Adult Protective Program

  • File a complaint against adult abuse by contacting 1-877-4R SENIORS or (1-877-477-3646) via the 24/7 hotline service. For Long Term Care Ombudsman-related complaints, call 1-800-334-9473.
  • Domestic Violence

  • File complaints related to domestic violence by calling 800-978-3600.
  • Child Abuse

  • Report child abuse by reaching the department over the phone at 1-800-540-4000.

Near You Social support Location to Contact

Contact can be made with the Adult or Senior Social Support to acquire information about various assistance programs, including caregiving, nutritional programs, health services, nursing, long-term care, screening, lost and found support, abuse, and more. Reach the service center using the following details:

Centro Maravilla Service Center

4716 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90022, United States
+1 323-260-2804


Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday, and Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Retrieve information about various other Adult support centers located across Los Angeles, CA by visiting the Near You Location on Google Maps. This will enable you to explore and discover additional Adult support centers in the Los Angeles area for your convenience.

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